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  1. Jibbajaba

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Some people might remember that I scooped a local Astro City cab here on the forums like 4 years ago. I put a bunch of work into it; rewiring, general cleaning, replacing some of the locks with original 5380's, replacing the buttons and ball tops with the original color, but one thing I never...
  2. Jibbajaba

    Dead CPS A-boards - E-Waste or what?

    Any point in keeping mine? I feel weird chucking it in the e-waste bin. Is there any chance that someone is going to come up with a fix for these some day?
  3. Jibbajaba


    Not technically a Secret Santa thing, but it's Christmas so fuck it. Got a fat-ass package from Yodd today. A cherry Amiga 500 with a 50hz/60hz mod and a switch to let you choose to boot from the internal floppy or an external one, a Gotek floppy emulator with a Yodd-made cable and a USB stick...
  4. Jibbajaba

    Classic Gaming Quarterly t-shirts...

    I don't ever push my YouTube deal here on the forums, but I know that there are a few people here who enjoy the show. I just had new t-shirts designed, so if you're interested you can get the details here: The gist is that I hired Steve Nazar, the creator of...
  5. Jibbajaba

    Is it worth starting a C64 collection?

    So I’ve got this new "e-waste recycling center" by me now and I’ve been fixating on the Commodore 64. From what I can tell there’s less than 20 worthwhile games for the system so I could only go for these C-grade titles. But I’ve never played one. Anyone here super fucking amped about playing...
  6. Jibbajaba

    Jibba is retarded. (Was: WTB: Japanese Saturn console)

    Just looking for the console itself, obviously in good working order. Most of my Saturn games are Japanese, but all I have is a US Saturn and I'm tired of fucking around with the Action Replay cart. I don't really care if it's grey or white. Not looking to pay the extra $$$ for something...
  7. Jibbajaba

    Official A/V Thread

    Just got a new desktop setup for my desk at work. I would have put the receiver on a side table, but it helps line up the screen on my macbook with the bigger display. My friend gave me his dad's old Sansui 1000x, so I spent a few hours this weekend taking it apart and de-oxiting everything...
  8. Jibbajaba

    SD and microSD storage solutions(cases)?

    These things. Like I said, you can store a handful of SD cards in them. And they're watertight, which is an added bonus.
  9. Jibbajaba

    Why aren't we talking about Trump's changes to the National Security Council?

    Trump kicked both the Director of National Intelligence and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff off of the (usually non-partisan) National Security Council principals committee and added right-wing nutjob Steve Bannon. According to Sean "Period" Spicer, this makes perfect sense because...
  10. Jibbajaba

    Any gaming stores in Munich worth visiting?

    I'm basically in the city center (near Odeonsplatz), but am willing to go pretty much wherever on the U- & S-Bahn. I need a German copy of Probotector!!!
  11. Jibbajaba

    Elf on a shelf

  12. Jibbajaba

    Elf on a shelf

    I edited my post only because I'm not here to create bad blood with other forum regulars whom I respect. For the record though, that picture still makes me laugh like a hyena.
  13. Jibbajaba

    Elf on a shelf

  14. Jibbajaba

    Elf on a shelf

  15. Jibbajaba

    Elf on a shelf

  16. Jibbajaba

    WTB: Fully-working CPS A-board.

    Got two CPS games, but no working A board. Help a brother out.
  17. Jibbajaba

    FS: Canon 60D DSLR CIB with 24mm f/2.8 Lens $500

    Full set of pictures here. I just upgraded my camera body, so I no longer need this and would like to sell it to help recoup the cost of the new body. Quick Specs: 18.0 Megapixel, 3:2 aspect ratio sensor Single SD/SDHC/SDXC card slot Accepts any Canon EF or EF-S lens produced since 1987 Shoots...
  18. Jibbajaba

    You've been around the gaming scene.... since you can remember....

    I guess this is only tangentially video game related anyway, but it's really the thing in my "collection" or whatever that I would have the hardest time parting with. So when I was a teenager (specifically starting in 1990), I got REALLY in to PC gaming. Like basically "fuck consoles" level...
  19. Jibbajaba

    MVS Carts and more for Sale. (Daddy needs a new video card.)

    First and foremost: Market leeches and low-quality members need not apply. I'm not desperate for skrilla, I just want to upgrade my GPU. Also not willing to ship internationally unless I think you're a really cool dude. Feel free to tell me if my prices are off. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED IN...
  20. Jibbajaba

    Official A/V Thread

    Sorry, I'm not baller like some of you guys but I was pretty happy yesterday. I've had this SX-828 for years but it needed a little bit of TLC, so it was living in the basement with my other unfinished projects. For some reason yesterday I got a hair up my ass to finally take care of it. All...