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  1. Sypth

    MVH 4 slot Strange Error Screen (Katakana)

    I'm working on this 4 slot and it's fighting me pretty bad. Initially it had a backup RAM error, then a video RAM error, swapped those out successfully. Was missing the left channel audio, did a cap kit, and brought that back. Now, I'm experiencing this weird error which I'm not finding much...
  2. Sypth

    NEO-MVH 4 Slot, Crackling sound

    Did the usual and replaced all the caps in the sound section. Went as far as replacing and socketing a few of the amps, dac, and ha13001. Still getting the same results. Anyone have any ideas what this might be caused by? It seems to be a thermal issue, because if I let it sit for a bit, it'll...
  3. Sypth

    FS: Systems, Games, Random Accessories (Over 100 items!)

    Looking to get rid of a bunch of random console stuff I've had lying around. Don't be afraid to shoot me an offer, especially if you want to make a bundle. Looking mostly for cash, but could honor some trades, just got a neo geo cd so looking for some titles for that. Everything in parenthesis...
  4. Sypth

    FS: Sega Aero City Candy Cabinet

    Sega Aero City Candy Cabinet Arcade Machine, pretty uncommon for the Midwest. Machine is in overall good shape, works well, monitor bright and crisp. Monitor is a Wells Gardner U2000 not a Nanao MS8. Cleaned all around. Asking $600 or best offer. Located in St. Charles, IL. New parts as listed-...
  5. Sypth

    WTB: New Astro 2l12b panel

    Just as the title says, if it's not in the greatest shape that's alright too, as long as it's salvageable of course.
  6. Sypth

    Dead Punisher Board

    I got a suicided punisher board that someone attempted to phoenix it. They butchered up the C board and I have to use a donor from a street fighter. Do you have to apply the same mod to it as the original C board?
  7. Sypth

    *SOLD* Brand new Ipad Mini 16GB Wifi w/ Retina Display

    I got this technically for free (after $20,000 tuition, ha.) But, I do not need it since I already have a tablet. It's brand new, never even took the plastic off, and turned it on once to take pictures. It comes preloaded with IIT stuff that can just be deleted off or you can factory reset it...
  8. Sypth

    WTB: Silent Scope 2 PCB

    Just as the title says, doesn't matter if it has error 11p.
  9. Sypth

    FS: Neo Geo 2-slot Conversion

    For sale is my Neo Geo Cabinet, converted from a Dig Dug, yes, that is the way I bought it originally! This was my first arcade machine I ever bought back in 2009, but it is now time to let it go. Many parts have been changed, converted, added to. It's a total restoration/conversion any way you...
  10. Sypth

    WTB: Virtual Boy Eye Visor

    Just as the title says, either the visor or a whole busted virtual boy would be fine.
  11. Sypth

    WTB: Nintendo Super System PCB

    Looking for just a working board, can't seem to get mine to work.
  12. Sypth

    PC Engine Duo/ Turbo Duo CD Drive issues

    It was working okay when I first got it, had intermittent sound problems but the drive was fine. So, I capped the whole thing and went to go and test it and it won't even read discs now. Got a new laser, still won't read anything. Gone over probably every single cap, making sure its in the right...
  13. Sypth

    WTB: Panasonic Service Disc (For Panasonic Q)

    I know this a shot in the dark, but I want to mod my Panasonic Q to be able to play US DVDs. If anyone has one, or might be able to point me in any direction, it would be appreciated.
  14. Sypth

    WTB: MVS Cartridge Shell- FOUND!

    Just as the title says, looking for a shell for one my cases that managed to hit the tile floor. Was hoping someone might have one, rather than buying a cheap game.
  15. Sypth

    Nintendo Super System Problem (Text, sound, no video)

    I just got my hands on a super system full knowing that it had a problem, it turns on and displays the game selection screen but as soon as you pick a game it just goes to a gray screen, it always resets the system if you select F-Zero and when it resets, the game is missing from the selection...
  16. Sypth

    MV-1AX VR1 Sound Pot Value?

    I got a board with a missing sound pot, I know this may be a obvious question, but does anyone know the value for this? Can't seem to find it anywhere.
  17. Sypth

    Blue's Journey MVS- No Sound

    I got a blue's journey off of ebay that was supposed to be working, brassoed the pins, reflowed solder on the PCM, ZMC and the LS139 next to it. Also read both the V1ROM and M1ROM and both match up exactly when compared to a downloaded rom. Also tried the uni-bios CRC check for the PROM, that...
  18. Sypth

    WTB: Doshin the Giant PAL Gamecube

    Just as the title says, hoping someone in the UK might be able to hook me up. Shoot me a PM if you got it, thanks!
  19. Sypth

    Atomiswave No Video

    Anyone have advice for an atomiswave with no video? Tried both 15khz and 31. Can't test for sound since I don't have a game yet, but the fan spins up. I've heard about the zener diodes that blow out, but can anyone confirm that replacing/ removing will fix that?
  20. Sypth

    FS: Macbook Pro's, Mac Mini, Time Capsule, and Mac Software

    Everything has been cleanly erased (35 time pass), reinstalled and updated. If you want more pictures don't hesitate to send me a PM with your email address. I would like to stay local with some of these items, but I don't mind shipping and we'll work something out. 13" 2011 Macbook Pro, Intel...