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  1. XxHennersXx

    PGM Martial Masters

    Hey y’all Looking for Martial Masters for the PGM. Possibly interested in buying your PGM motherboard too in the same transaction.
  2. XxHennersXx

    WTS: Debug Unit PS1

    Small chip in front right. Laser assembly works well. $350+ shipping
  3. XxHennersXx

    What’s your biggest coincidence?

    I ran into a very improbable coincidence the other day. 29 years ago in 1991 I went to my first Monster Truck show - Bigfoot was doing an exhibition at a Ford dealership. There was a row of about 10 cars, and the crowd was in a U shape. There were a couple hundred people there. I was feeling...
  4. XxHennersXx

    Japan Building 60 ft Walking Gundam

    Pretty cool, but it's still a statue held up with rods in the back connected to the giant platform. I'm still more impressed by my friends over at Megabots that made 2 real piloted giant battle mechs.
  5. XxHennersXx

    New member saying hi!

    I didn't see his post about the styrofoam until today - lachlan gave a pretty damn reasonable response to make one yourself off reference pictures. His response of "Surely you can't be serious". What the fuck kind of retard thinks there is a market for "REPRO STYROFOAM"? Even if there was, was...
  6. XxHennersXx

    Retrotink 2X Classic with 3D Printed Case

    SOLD - Newest revision of the board. Has hardly been used (only had my PS2 and Saturn connected to it). Replaced it today with a RetroTink 2X Pro, so I don’t need this anymore. They run new for $90 without a 3D Printed case and the Mini HDMI cable. $75 + shipping
  7. XxHennersXx

    Offical Omega CMVS Tech Support Thread

    Hard to tell. it looks better but really really vibrant -but it could just be your TV settings. I wonder what was changed that increased that compatibility. I'm waiting for the 2X Pro to come back in stock. Now that the 2X pro and the Scart 2X are coming out and enable scanlines, i'm...
  8. XxHennersXx

    FS: MVS 161 Multicart

    $45 + shipping Typical banana cart. Series 1. No fix applied. Will also trade for any common MVS carts. Edit: sold
  9. XxHennersXx

    Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater turns 20 today (and a documentary!)

    Tony Hawks Pro Skater came out 20 years ago today. This game (and ESPECIALLY the soundtrack) influenced my life so much as an 11 year old. I’m 100% certain I wouldn’t be the same adult I am today without it - and today released a trailer for a documentary about the history of it...
  10. XxHennersXx

    New take on an old ad

    Was playing around with my lightbox earlier for some product photography, and took a comparison picture of Samurai Shodown on Genesis vs Neo-Geo...thought about SNK's edgy marketing from back in the day for the Neo Geo and figured if they were still marketing the Neo Geo today (or at least a few...
  11. XxHennersXx

    Omega MVS resetting

    My Omega MVS started having issues. It reset while using a multicart, so I switched to my authentic carts. Everything was fine but after an hour or so it reset while on pause for a few minutes. Then a few times it’s reset while resetting itself (reset a few notes into the Neo Geo jingle). I...
  12. XxHennersXx

    My Windjammers Shockbox insert

    I noticed some high quality AES style Shockbox inserts for these early games weren't readily available, so I've spent the last couple days working on them with higher resolution scans than what is currently out there for Shockboxes. Magician Lord was always difficult to scale to the proper size...
  13. XxHennersXx

    Cyber-Lip font help?

    I have a high res scan of the Japanese insert, since I can't find a high res scan of the US insert I've been working on converting it to an american style insert for the Shockbox. Having a hard time telling what the font choices are, for the text on the back and for the "Cyber-Lip" placed under...
  14. XxHennersXx

    Something I've learned playing Neo Geo games this week

    Birdie on every hole in Germany, with the Shot Maker. I stand by you just need to get good.
  15. XxHennersXx

    Ever hear of the Neo Geo Millenium?

    Fig 8 is just the original Neo Geo CD. More interesting is Fig 13 which looks like a vertical Neo Geo Pocket.
  16. XxHennersXx

    Samurai Shodown MVS

    $30 + shipping Legit board, repro label and shell. One of the screw heads is gone but it can still be opened. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. XxHennersXx

    Double Dragon insert?

    I'm working on a Double Dragon Shockbox insert and I can't find a good scan of the US AES front. Does anyone have a better scan they could share?
  18. XxHennersXx

    My Windjammers Shockbox insert

    I can upload the full resolution version to my Dropbox. I got my copy last night and decided to put together something while at work a bit higher resolution than what I was able to find for Windjammers insert. It started as cleaning up the one I really like by NeoCverA but turned into ended up...
  19. XxHennersXx

    WTB MVS Neo Turf Masters or Windjammers

    Edit: Purchased Windjammers and Neo Turf Masters Rebuilding my collection and starting with the essentials, Looking to get Neo Turf Masters and Windjammers!
  20. XxHennersXx

    WTB MVS Ninja Masters

    Looking for Ninja Masters for MVS. Looking to spend around $150. Thanks