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  1. K_K

    JPN KOF 98 AES

    Yes, I'd like a Japanese King of fighters 1998 for the home system. I don't mind the condition so long as it works. I'm not going to pay Ebay prices, and I don't need some worshiped collectors piece. I will play this game. Anyone got one? Don't worry I have a US address, a U.K. One too, I've got...
  2. K_K

    AES game case

    Read the title. I've got a game that is currently naked. Not sure where the original case went, don't care really. I need a new case. No inserts, no stickers, don't care if customs has drilled a hole in it. If it's old style, I don't care if the tray is too cracked, if it's snap lock that's cool...
  3. K_K

    Joining the country club

    Spring will be upon us soon ladies and gents. And as I soak up the warming air on weekends I wonder what does it take these days to hit the links? I'm not a great golfer by any means. I'm no Walter Hagen. But part of me still wants to be out there. Walking the greens, lining up shots, checking...
  4. K_K

    Show us your sticks!

    I'm looking for a neo geo controller. Don't care if it's a stick, a jellybean, a cd pad. Just needs to be in full working order, and hopefully for a reasonable price. So whip em out boys.
  5. K_K

    Testing the waters

    TL-DR: I want an AES, European preferred, but others are fine. Don't need a princess, a pig will do. So I'm dipping my toe in the pool. I've been out of the neo game a long, long time. And it seems a bad time to be wanting to get back into it. How and ever, I'd like to see what's out there...
  6. K_K

    Made a huge mistake.

    So I went away for the past three weeks. Got married, went on the honey moon. That wasn't the mistake though. I regret nothing there and had loads of fun and would do it again in a heartbeat. My mistake was losing all of my ds, and gba games. I had brought them with me in a little brown...
  7. K_K

    PAL NES, who has one?

    Anyone have an NES knocking around? One that works, with a power cord, scart, and controller? Maybe even a game? Don't need or want some boxed, mint, closet queen. Something used, slightly abused, but working is my goal. I'm not looking to be a collecturd dick. I'm looking to play some games...
  8. K_K

    Snes sound issue

    So I've been getting back into snes collecting recently. Got a system, a few pal games, and a convertor to play us, or Japanese games. Here's the issue though: it doesn't matter the game, US, Euro, the sound refuses to work. I've tried SCART, tried AV, even tried the old RF plug. Nothing brings...
  9. K_K

    Wanted: modded pal DC

    Simple really. I want a UK dreamcast. Problem is good games here are in two categories rare or weren't made here. So I want a DC that can play imports. And of course I don't want to pay too much for it. Maybe we can figure something out.
  10. K_K

    Wanted: Cheap ngpc

    So I want to get back into playing this little guy. I don't want some museum piece still in its box. But I also don't want some bashed up, dog toy. Just an NGPC, maybe with a game to get me started up again. I know someone around here has a duplicate that's collecting dust somewhere, and would...
  11. K_K

    Wanted: modded PAL PS2

    Anyone got one they want to get rid of? I suppose I could buy one and get it modded, but I'd like to see if I can cut out the middleman.
  12. K_K

    wtb cheap ipad/droid tablet

    been shopping around for one. want an actual known brand (not some hong kong ripoff), at least 16 gig, and with a recent droid OS. anything good considered, shoot me what you got, i got cash, we might have a deal. don't worry if you don't wanna ship international, you don't gotta. i got an...
  13. K_K

    so i have epilepsy

    this is my first thread in a good while i know, and i haven't been around in a good while either. but after having another company i work for in this country go into administration, and another seizure a couple of weeks ago. i've been put on tegretol for the seizures, and told i have epilepsy...
  14. K_K

    football room colors

    i know only like 5 of us post in the football room, and even then we only post from time to time. but the colors used to be all purple and pink and it had its own little banner and all. i miss that. wasabi, i'm looking at you.
  15. K_K

    my laptop has a heating issue

    howdy fellas. i've got a bit of a problem. i don't know shit about computers, but i do know my laptop is overheating with regular use. i'm not running anything too intensive, i'm not playing any games or anything (it used to get really warm when i'd play dead rising on it) but it just seems to...
  16. K_K

    anyone got a cheap PSP

    i'm looking to get my hands on a PSP again, don't know why, i used to have one that i played til the stick fell off. and i enjoyed it quite a bit. so like the thread says if anyone has one in good working order, modded or not, slim or fat, for a good low price i'm interested. bear in mind...
  17. K_K

    clarence clemons, rest in peace

    i don't know how many springsteen fans we have here. i know average joe is a fan, but he's on hiatus at the moment. but to those of us who love the e-street shuffle, and rock out to hungry heart, racing in the street, to jungleland. its a sad day indeed. clarence will be missed. saw springsteen...
  18. K_K

    phone troubles

    so fellas i gots a problem. it seems my phone isn't working correctly. i've got an HTC HD2, its an outdated phone by today's standards, but its a great phone all the same. i just purchased it not too long ago, and finally after a long, drawn out, USPS mix up i finally got it. (it was sent to...
  19. K_K

    hot dogs, the thread.

    as summer is closing in, baseball season is looming, and ball park food comes out in stores, as well as big bags of charcoal, cans of lighter fluid, and stick lighters show up en masse. a question comes to mind. i bought some hot dogs yesterday in aldi which just aren't the same as a good...
  20. K_K

    well there's always next season.

    ao after losing 2-1 to united yesterday. chelsea's season is done and dusted i'd say. even if we win our next two matches the mancs would have to lose theirs for us to have a shot and i doubt that'd be the case. we played terribly, sloppy defending at the back. bad starting lineup didn't help...