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    WTB - Framemeister Mini

    Anyone have one of these bad boys to sell me. Need to play some wondermega on a LCD. LMK Thanks, R
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    Attn: All GMail Users - You're probably going to want to read this...

    Well, nothing truly is free. Time to configure my own email via a private server. Well, not now, but soon.
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    Got an email from forum saying someone is trying to reset my password?

    Weirdness. Anyone else having this or am I just being targeted?
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    WTS - Pearl Blue GBA SP + (Bright Backlit Screen) with OG box and Docs

    It's in good condition with some scratches on the screen. Just replaced it with a black SP and just wanted to subsidize the new one with this one. I'll post some pics later, but I'd say 40 dollars even plus shipping is fair? Let me know. R
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    WTB- Graphite Back-lit GBA SP

    Complete with box, etc.
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    Give Rade the ability to use the BBCode options on the chat.

    They don't show up for me when I go into full-screen mode on any browser or OS. HELP!
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    Change DanAdamKOF's name to Dannadam's Kampf

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    In Dallas for one day next sunday.

    Anyone want to have lunch? In the absence of human contact, I'd also appreciate some recommendations on where to eat and what to see.
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    Make Shoutbox BIGGER

    or at least have an option to make it bigger. Is there one?
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    Steam names?

    Add me! breadmaster
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    IC: WonderMega - JVC Version

    w/ box M1 version with motorized lid. Everything works as it should. Delivers an acceptable picture to LCD tvs via S-Vid.
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    FS: MOTW JP HC - 350 US.

    Condition: I would grade it as great, overall, with the usual signs of wear, which are minor. What you see is what you get. $350 US +Shipping with confirmation/signature through Canada Post. Free Shipping if sold in Canada Payment Options: Paypal - you pay the fees. Sorry, I know this...
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    Ban reignofevil666 to war room.

    Bumping old posts being a fag his shit's all retarded.
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    1up Interview with Yu Suzuki

    I know, I know - it's 1up - and the interview was conducted by James Mielke (who's a bit of a cunt game journalist), but how often does Yu Suzuki give interviews? Some really interesting stuff on the way things used to be at Sega and where Yu is today.
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    Charles Bronson is Killing Hipsters.

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    Post favourite scenes from movies.

    -ciFTP_KRy4 Here is Mozart pwning Salieri unintentionally. This scene is probably the whole film in a nutshell. Mozart, the slightly insane musical genius, driving Salieri crazy without even knowing it. Salieri, cursed with being mediocre, sees Mozart as a vessel of god himself and rejects...
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    Modern Cell Phones that aren't iPhones/Androids/Blackberries?

    I'm in the mood for a new cell phone again, and as much as I like Android and iPhones (and there OS's) I'm also a sucker for the more niche feature and symbian phones. So, I did a little search and I noticed how hard it was to find interesting phones. So, any suggestions?
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    WTTF/WTB: PS3 60GB

    Hey, My current PS3 is on it's last legs. Would like to buy or trade a PS3 from you. Must be an original 60GB system in excellent condition with the box, cables, etc. I can also offer a trade of an excellent condition MOTW for the JPN AES. Would be a straight trade.
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    WTT: My Disc Only OutRun2006PS2 for a DL of Outrun2HD on PSN

    This one is a long shot, but since there is no longer a way to buy Outrun2HD on PSN in ANY region, I wanted to throw it out here. You'll get - a North American Copy of Outrun2006Coast2Coast Disc Only with free shipping. I want - You to gameshare me a copy of Outrun HD PSN. That's it.