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  1. brentsg

    KOF XIII Steam version in latest Humble Bundle

    $5 (till it goes up) gets you a lot of goodies in this one, though the AoE pack is worth the $15.
  2. brentsg

    World Cup 2014 BRASIL

    Shamelessly stolen from shmups forum, someone had a bet on Suarez biting someone during the tourney (allegedly, etc):
  3. brentsg

    World Cup 2014 BRASIL

  4. brentsg

    The worst controller/stick you've ever owned?

    I always kinda liked the Jag controller. I liked Coleco's Super Action controller too, but the stock Coleco controller sucked unless you modded it with sticks.
  5. brentsg

    Living in a treehouse?
  6. brentsg

    Old console preventative maintenance?

    I was digging an old Neo CD and Turbo Duo out of storage to tinker with a bit and I started wondering about the longevity of these things. With a lot of potential issues, such as CD-ROM mechanisms I'm not too worried. If they fail then I'll deal with it. However, with the Turbo Duo in...
  7. brentsg

    FS: MVS memory card setup

    I have two complete MVS memory card setups that I haven't needed for a long time. Neither has been tested recently, however both worked fine when I used them previously. They've been safely stored away since. Included: -MV-IC PCB -Cables -Audio jack cable Not included: -Memory card Price...
  8. brentsg

    Obscure Neo-Geo reference of the day

    This guy's blog is fairly entertaining at times. I laughed when I read this one though..
  9. brentsg

    Free HD DVDs - Good flicks

    I will be clearing some stuff out. First off are disks I "upgraded" to Blu-ray by sending a few bucks plus the cover art. Thus, they are disks in the usual cases minus art. Disks are like new. 300 Goodfellas Lethal Weapon Gothika Harry Potter (Philosopher's Stone, Order of the Phoenix...
  10. brentsg

    AT&T DSL / U-Verse usage caps

    For anyone on AT&T, the usage cap letters are going out. It absolutely blows my mind that on top of the shitty speeds available with DSL, now we get bandwidth caps on top of that. The new cap is 150GB/month for DSL and 250GB /month for U-Verse...
  11. brentsg

    Free JROK S-Video encoder

    I'm sure it's an old one, I don't really keep up. Small JROK S-Video PCB, no cables included. It worked the last time I tried it, but no guarantees. Pay $5 for USPS Priority shipping, must pay Paypal gift. USA only..
  12. brentsg

    IC / PC - MVS memory card setup

    Interest and price check.. for the PCB and all the cables and bits to setup an MVS cab for memory card support. No actual memory card included, though it could be arranged.
  13. brentsg

    If you've done business with me, or lost a pkg.. please read

    I just received a parcel in the mail, but it was not intended for me. Also, it's quite expensive. It arrived in a box that looks familiar, as it's one that I previously used to send an item to someone else. It was also stuffed with some Japan EMS envelopes, so I think the misrouted shipment...
  14. brentsg

    FS: Iron Man 2 - Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy

    I accidentally ordered 2 of these. Looking for someone that's gonna grab it anyways to help me out. I paid $25+shipping. Looking for $25 shipped. Yes it's sealed, etc.
  15. brentsg

    FA: Brand new rare arcade sticks for consoles

    I have no idea on value, so going the Ebay route. Listing 3 for now. Namco Arcade Stick for PS1/PS2: ASCII Stick FT Special for Dreamcast: (this is the optical...
  16. brentsg

    FCC indecency ban struck down

    Didn't see that coming..
  17. brentsg

    FS: Muchi Muchi Pork! - PCB

    This is a bare PCB in perfectly clean working condition. Muchi Muchi Pork!: $825 shipped - SOLD! Price includes FREE SHIPPING in the USA via USPS Priority insured. I will accept Paypal +4%, or you are free to send me a USPS Money Order. If there is interest outside the USA we can investigate...
  18. brentsg

    Need a home cart loaner

    Can anyone near St. Louis loan me a shitty home cart? I've got a few systems about that need to be sold and I haven't used them in like 8-10 years. I forgot to re-test them before I sold all my games. Thanks Brent
  19. brentsg

    Interest check: Component modded home cart system

    I dug this stuff out for a member who was looking for one, but he seems to have gone dark. This was modded by Jeff Kurtz and has component, S-Video, stereo, and a socketed UniBios 2.0. Any interest? It's in near mint condition and was my main unit back in the day. As an aside, I also...