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    Your vehicle brand of choice?

    Currently, I've had luck with Chevy vehicles. I sold my old BMW convertible as I was tired of maintaining it. Honda is pretty reliable, so we picked up the minivan from them. If I upgrade to another car for myself, I may get a smaller GMC or the Cadillac XT5. My favorite car to drive on...
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    HBD Kern!

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    Elite Dangerous: Late to the party

    So I recently picked up Elite: Dangerous on the PS4 since I haven't done any major PC gaming in years. The game really takes me back to the original and Frontier on the C64 and Amiga. Is anyone else still playing this game? I loved it when the classical music kicked in during docking. It...
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    WTB: Candy cab parts

    Wyo, glad the marquee will work out for you. It's odd to think that it has been almost 10 years since FrancoB created these. During that time, I picked up doubles and that was my last extra marquee. Here are my cabs with their respective marquees.
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    (Sold) FS: Sexy Parodius PCB:

    (SOLD)Sexy Parodius: Price: $320 Life Force PCB: Sales Pulled:
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    Italo Disco, Synthpop, Hi-NRG Fans Thread

    Post your favorite tracks, discuss albums, and any shows you've seen here.
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    Twin Peaks WTF is this....

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    Good God...this weather is really taking its toll on everyone...

    Depending on the drift, we got around 12 in. +. This is me walking back to our yard.
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    Gaming chair, seating, etc..

    While there is a thread for arcade stools, what type of seating do you use in your gaming room/mancave/arcade? Do you have an office setup with an office chair? Do you game on the couch? Do you go all out 40 Year Old Virgin/rocking that custom gaming chair? Do you have a Capcom Mini Cute...
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    MVS gamer eyeing AES hotness.

    I started to pick up cheaper, complete home carts last year. While I have it plugged into my Amiga monitor, I find myself always going back to my CMVS or my cab. My CMVS has S-video/composite as opposed to my home system with component/S-video/composite + custom bios. I would still rather get...
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    Home theater replacement or keep?

    For the last few years, I've been using an Onkyo TX-SR605 setup for my home theater. Since we've moved our new home, it has been packed up and I've finally gotten around to setting it up. Now I can't stand wiring for AV systems and was wondering if there was a wireless solution that works well...
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    Arcade Game Etiquette

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    SOLD: Namco Exceleena 2 in New England Pick Up Only

    No time wasters. No feedback/posts, no deal. No thread poisoning or thread crapping. Cash on pickup, Paypal Gift or add 4%. No shipping. PICKUP ONLY Up for sale is my Namco Exceleena 2. Clean cab throughout, this cab has served me well through the years and is ready for a new home. Since I...
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    FS: (THREAD CLOSED) US Sega Ages for Saturn

    No time wasters. No feedback/posts, no deal. No thread poisoning. Paypal Gift or add 4%. Established members in the lower 48 states. I've got a nice, hard to find copy of the US release of Sega Ages. Since I have the individual games for the Japanese Saturn, I don't need this. This is the one...
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    Tonight on unsolved mysteries: censorship

    That is all.
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    Should i buy a $200 AES?

    Still rocking this one made by James. I'm debating on having it upgraded to output rgb as well.
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    FS: (Thread closed)

    Thread closed, items going back into storage.
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    Mad Max:Fury Road

    Can't wait. Definitely an opening day viewing for me.
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    CRT Fetish Thread

    "On top of Mount Soooooonyyyyy..."
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    Firearm enthusiast thread

    A Troy Arms representative was at the stop yesterday showing what's going to be demonstrated at the local rod and gun club. This is what he brought in: It was odd to see this with the pump and without a charging handle assembly. It kinda felt alien to me.