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  1. Briggs

    MVS 4 Slot PCB

    I have a NEO-MVH MV4FT 4 slot PCB for sale. I have not had it running for years and at this point I have no way to test it. The last time I tried it all 4 slots worked, but I could not get it to cycle through the slots with the select button. More than likely the problem was in the select button...
  2. Briggs

    Nice Neo Turf Masters MVS with Mini Marquee

    Nice Neo Turf Masters MVS with Mini Marquee Make me an offer.
  3. Briggs

    question on shipping to UK

    I have never really done much international shipping and I need to send a package to the UK. The box is about 4 lbs or so and not too big. What is the most economical way to ship it with a high likelihood of it arriving intact? Thanks,
  4. Briggs

    FT: MVS Neo Turf Master w/ MM

    I have a nice original Neo Turf Master with mm that I would like to trade for a KoF of equal value. I don't know shit about fighting games, so send me a good one. With mm too please.
  5. Briggs

    Free Box O' Wires (+ shipping)

    So, I am moving and have a box full of wires - old projects, tests, scrap wire, at least 1 full new Jamma harness, and other odds and ends. I'm still chunking stuff in the box so who knows what else will end up in there. If you want it, PM me and it's yours. Just paypal for ground shipping to...
  6. Briggs

    FS: MVS Neo Turf Masters with MM

    For Sale: Nice Neo Turf Masters with original Mini Marquee. Label is original but has a slight crease in it. Plays great. $80 Shipped in the US.
  7. Briggs

    FS: NOS 2 Slot MVS Marquee

    Still has the backing paper on it - $25 shipped in the US. SOLD
  8. Briggs

    FS: MV4FT 4 Slot PCB

    MV4FT 4 Slot PCB works great. $145 + Shipping SOLD
  9. Briggs

    FS: MVS Carts and Mini Marquees

    Metal Slug 2 (holo label) with MM - $50 SOLD Metal Slug X (holo label) - $45 SOLD Metal Slug 3 (holo label) with MM - $85 (on hold awaiting payment) SOLD Super Sidekicks 2 with MM (yellowed) - $40 Misc. Mini Marquees - $5 each SOLD
  10. Briggs

    FS: Big Red MVS Cabinet in Georgia + MVS & PCB Manual Collection

    I am selling my personal MVS-4-25 as we are moving and I just won't have space for it anymore. This is in very good condition, with one of the best features being the NOS LED marquee lights that I picked up a few years back that have very few hours on them and work perfectly. The monitor is...
  11. Briggs

    Need help on Japanese MVS releases

    Work on the MVS Label Database is back on after many years of neglect thanks to the efforts of rcantor77, but we need some help in figuring out if the list of missing Japanese labels is correct or not. The overall list is what is missing. The comments in the column on the Right were taken...
  12. Briggs

    What to do about hardMVS...

    So, for those of you who have submitted labels, or pictures, or questions or even just checked the site - it has become pretty obvious that I have not updated anything in years. Sorry about that. My current job has me on the road pretty much full time, and real life tends to fill in the rest...
  13. Briggs

    Me Have a Jamma

    I got this email yesterday and thought that the NG community could band together and help this poor soul: " Submitted: Wednesday 16 September 2009 - 1:53:46 pm From: anthony - twocools2005@******** hi there me had a jamma made a fu years ago but not use it for a bit of time becouse movied...
  14. Briggs

    Big Red MVS Owners - Please Read

    I have a unique opportunity for you. One of the hardest things to find for your cabinet is a good control panel overlay. Any NOS overlays are non existent, and the current crop of inkjet overlays are sub par in quality. So... I made a contact at a very high quality screenprint shop this week...
  15. Briggs

    Photos from inside a North Korean Arcade
  16. Briggs

    Rastan Jamma board

    Rastan Jamma board with manual. I also have the original marquee and monitor bezel if you are interested. Make me an offer.
  17. Briggs

    Countertop Conversion Kit

    Take some wood and make it good! I'm lookin' at you Tonk.
  18. Briggs

    Come get a free cab

    Seriously, if I can't give this away after adding a ton of free stuff I give up. Check out the updated post for details.
  19. Briggs

    US Shipping?

    Now that I am selling off a bunch of stuff that has been just laying around the basement, I am amazed at how much it costs to ship things. What do you find is the most economical way to ship within the US?
  20. Briggs

    MV-ELD 4 Slot Marquee Light Panels - ALL WORKING

    MV-ELD 4 Slot Marquee Light Panels - ALL WORKING These are tested and all working. They appear to all be equally bright and even. Includes the control board and wiring shown. PM me with your offer.