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  1. Cavalry

    WTB: Stakes Winner 2 MVS

    Cannot be a bootleg, & Cannot have a fake label. Japanese or American Cart is fine.
  2. Cavalry

    FS/FT: Real Bout Fatal Fury Special MVS - Sold

    Sold for $45 shipped
  3. Cavalry

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Yeah no problem, I was out there playing a second ago. ** Sorry don't if this is going to show up gigantic or not. I think the forum resizes pics to fit screen....?
  4. Cavalry

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Used to do a lot of trading on this site a few years back, but haven't been here in quite a while. I'm here today to show my cabinet. Got it from a super nice guy who puts machines up on location around where I live. I went to his storage, specifically looking for a Killer Instinct 2 machine...
  5. Cavalry

    WTT: Ryse: Son Of Rome (Xbox One) Download

    I got this free and don't have interest in it. (Xbox One) -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Seeing how the new WoW expansion comes out in a week, and I need game time, what I would like to do, is trade this for 60 days of WoW game time. At this site you can get gametime cheaper than on the...
  6. Cavalry

    FS: Modded Wii - Pics!

    U.S. Only Paypal Gift Option Only -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Pics at the bottom -=-=-=-=-=-=-=- * Modded Nintendo Wii ready to go. Here's some stuff you can do with a modded Wii. Run Emulators: Including... CPS2 (already on this Wii) runs perfect!, Nintendo 64, PSX, NES, SNES... Etc. Download any...
  7. Cavalry

    FS: 2DS w/ Pokemon Y, Retron 3 NES bundle, & TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist

    ~WELCOME!~ :eye::eye: :downb::down::downf: - Paypal Only! Please pay as a gift, or pay the 2.9% transaction fee please! Thank you! :upf::up::upb: --------------- * Nintendo 2DS (red) W/ Pokemon Y I only bought this 2DS specifically to play this game, so it has minimal use. I would say about...
  8. Cavalry

    I have a big problem. Moving from Us to Canda. Has anybody done this?

    I just thought I'd ask here, just in case someone has had to do this before. Sparing the details a little here, I have a friend in Canada that needs my help. I currently live in WA state. I need to get to Canada and find a job there to help out. Does anybody have any experience with getting a...
  9. Cavalry

    WTS/WTT: TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist

    Asking $30 shipped. Paypal only. Pay as gift. PM me! Oh yeah, I literally don't own a video game system, so if you want to trade me for a GameBoy SP or something I'd do that too.
  10. Cavalry

    Looking for a Marvel Heroes Key

    I'm looking around trying to find a beta key for Marvel Heroes. If anybody has an extra beta key that they're not using, hit me up with a PM please!
  11. Cavalry

    Not For Resale - Zelda Spirit Tracks (DS)

    I Forgot I had this, and I don't have a DS, so.... ebay prices are between $34 - 60. price is $25 shipped to your house in the United States. Paypal only.
  12. Cavalry

    FS: PS3 Madcatz TE Stick + Night Warriors Sample

    -= Asking buyer to pay as gift or cover the paypal fees. =- * Street Fighter IV TE Madcatz stick PS3. As a little extra it has Calipowers signature on it from MWC 2010 - $85 Shipped...
  13. Cavalry

    FA: Ipod Touch 2nd Gen, 8 giggabiter

    - Ipod Touch 2nd Gen 8GB * Comes in original hard packaging. Will also include an Ipod cable + flip case. Notes: Has been restored to factory default settings. Has FW 4.2.1 which can be easily jailbroken.
  14. Cavalry

    Anybody ever really get into Team Fortress 2?

    Admittedly I don't really like FPS. However, I really took a liking to TF2 a couple months ago. If you do play you might know it's more of a hat/item collecting game. This aspect of it can get kind of adicting, especially when you get into unusual hat trading. You are only able to get unusuals...
  15. Cavalry

    WTS/WTT: KOF XI (Ps2) Import - $35 or trade for some NES Games

    Looking to do a little swap here. - King of Fighters XI (Japan Import) * Comes complete w/ manual Notes: Only works on a NTSC-J system or a Modded NTSC-U Ps2. - $35 shipped OR Here's some NES games I'm after, Don't necessarily need all of them, but would like ~$35 worth: - T&C Surf -...
  16. Cavalry


    Ello Ello, I am selling my Third Strike GD-R PREVIEW Disc. The cool thing about this disc is that unlike most Dreamcast GD-R's this one has a custom label. And if you're wondering you can use this on a regular Dreamcast with just a little trick. There are some differences from this version...
  17. Cavalry

    Ferris Bueller 2 - 10 sec teaser

    Don't know exactly what this is, but man did it make me excited. :multi_co: SuHmEo0Bx7Q
  18. Cavalry

    FS: Bose In-Ear Headphones

    ------------------- Paypal Only, Not Looking to Trade atm. please add 4% or pay as a Gift. Prices Include Shipping. U.S. Only * Used Bose In-ear headphones. Comes with headphones and case only. - $60 --------------------- * Used, Complete, Nintendo 3DS. This is one of the older ones...
  19. Cavalry

    FS: Xbox 360 w/ 7 games *Skyrim* & Extras - Sold

    Paypal Only Looking to unload ASAP US Only Comes with: 4GB Slim Xbox 360, 2 controllers (1 wired), 1 headset, and the games: *Skyrim *The Orange Box *Halo Wars *Halo Reach *Halo 3 *Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 *Super Street Fighter IV ------- Looking to sell it all for $340 shipped...
  20. Cavalry


    Found thanks