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    Analogue CMVS audio timing issue

    Hello everyone, i'm experiencing a weird issue with the audio timing on the game Over Top. The audio is running crazy fast, anyone has any idea what the problem is? Sounds like the audio chip is overclocked or something. Most games run fine, but this is one of the exceptions. I'm using the...
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    Analogue CMVS controller port mapping

    I recently bought the Analogue CMVS, but to my surprise the controller port 2 is wired as port 1 and vice versa. This means my controller has to be plugged in port 2 constantly. I contacted them and said this is how they always wire their systems. Can somebody here confirm that this is really...
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    Is it worth it?

    Thinking about buying this HDMI modded AES: Is it worth it? Price is pretty high, but you don't see them in this condition very often. Please let me know your thoughts. This will be my first Neo Geo...
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    Best EURO SCART Switch for use with XRGB Mini?

    Thanks! I'm not good a reading diagrams. Is this pin 8 and 16 on the SCART end?