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    Universal PCB - Arcade stick controller for most consoles

    I figured there might be some interest in this from the other Tech Support readers.
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    Where to get 6-slot repaired?

    A few months ago, I purchased a 6 slot with a burned edge connector. I repaired the edge connector with a female edge connector and plain fingerboard, just like described on Bob Robert's pages. However, the board still acts entirely dead. Is there anyone who does repairs on a 6 slot? I got...
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    6 slot troubleshooting - grey screen with white lines

    Hi all, I need a little help. I got a fixer-upper 6 slot off of ebay (Im sure some of yall reading this bid against me :) and took care of the burned edge connector just fine. I plugged it into my astro city cab, and am only seeing a grey screen with some thin white lines (no motion). With the...
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    Using digital logic to control mvs pcb questions

    Hi all, electronics question for anyone who can help. My end goal is to make an interface board between an MVS motherboard, and the jamma harness and kick harness of a cabinet wired for 6 buttons street fighter layout. I wanted some functionality in this interface to allow me to use button...
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    Easy question regarding AD725 schematic: What to use for logical high?

    I have a number of the AD725 chips, wide SOIC -> DIP adapters, and all of the other miscellaneous components on hand, and I am now drawing up how I am going ot lay it all out on the stripboard. My question is about the logical high at TTL levels needed for the NTSC select, and the 'power on'...
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    Need specific rating for a some supergun components (Fuse, RGB adjust)

    Repost from SGRepository; seems to be dead and I wanted to get an answer before I leave in a few days. I am hoping to get to work on either a supergun or consolizing one of my MVS boards eventually. Since I am in walking distance of Akihabara on holiday, I figured I aught to just walk down and...