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  1. Mugicha

    shmup sale on steam!!

    as the title says^ Some damn good prices. edit: Crimzon Clover for $1.99 if you don't already have this, GET IT!!
  2. Mugicha

    Panda Island Meat Part II

    happy b-day proof! Im also not 100% certain for availability. I just started new a job this week, and I feel lil awkward asking for time off right away. If it was my old job, I'd be like this: Ill figure it out soon.
  3. Mugicha

    SOLD: PGM stuff

    BUNDLE IS SOLD. Hello! I'm looking to let go of my PGM Collection.I love the Chinese Neo Geo but haven't had it hooked up for some time, and it deserves to be played. Prices include shipping. Shipping only in US. PGM mobo $90 Oriental Legend $60 Knights of Valor $60 Knights of Valor 2...
  4. Mugicha

    Happy Birthday GohanX

    happy b-day buddy!
  5. Mugicha

    Britian rules the whole world in heavy weight boxing.

    the only british boxer I care about
  6. Mugicha

    Hello from TX!

    not as old as "where ya going with that gun in yer hand". I'd be content if I never heard jimi hendrix again. if anything I wouldn't mind going by Jojo:glee:
  7. Mugicha

    Who wants a region free DVD player?

    So I've got a region free DVD player I've had for a few years, it works great, but the only downside it that it uses component (which is not really a bad thing) but I'm looking to upgrade to one with HDMI. I've used this unit on my pvm with component and it looks gorgeous, however on my hdtv the...
  8. Mugicha

    SOLD: Carrier Air Wing CPS1

    Hey guys, I got a Carrier Air Wing pcb I'd like to sell. Played through it yesterday and I'm certain I will not need to do that again. Board is a little dusty, but plays like a champ. asking $120 shipped in conus. pp gift or goods with +4% for fees. SOLD I reserve the right to refuse sale to...
  9. Mugicha

    FOUND: Model 1 Genny

    Edit: found a unit. Thx for looking guys :) Herro, I'm looking for a Model 1 US genesis so I can get my Sega CD on. looking specifically for model 1 since my MD rgb cable is for use with the headphone jack. I could use the power brick, but I don't mind a loose console either. Somewhere in...
  10. Mugicha

    Raleigh: Fighting Tournament at Mugi's

    SATURDAY OCT. 10TH It's time for another Free Play @ Mugi's house We are planning to do the Super Street Fighter 2 Tournament Battle with Mitsurugi again. Pretty Similar setup to last year with some "New Challengers" (see what I did there ;)) joining us this time. Food and Drink provided by...
  11. Mugicha

    Happy B-day Lem!!!

    Wishin a happy birthday to our resident citrus-scented modder, and all around loveable guy. Kick back with a Dew my friend, I'll raise a glass of Mugicha for ya! happy b-day buddy.
  12. Mugicha

    The Box Art Collective

    In addition to having one of the greatest game names ever, I really dig the transformers vibe on Speed Power Gunbike. love that cover, and I never realized that was Poison/Roxy behind Guy's hand.
  13. Mugicha

    Happy B-day EllertMichael

    Happy B-day to our resident Shmup-playing, Shirt Maker Extraordinaire!! have a good one buddy, have some fun with the pew-pews!!
  14. Mugicha

    Happy B-day Lantus!!

    Lan ol buddy, have a good one :D
  15. Mugicha

    Happy Birthday Lithy!!

    Happy B-day Lith, I'll raise a glass of mugicha to you this day, with wishes of good health and happiness!