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    The rhythm of fighters for ios

    I just found out about and downloaded this for 99 cents. It's actually pretty decent. Reminds me of cool cool toon for DC. It's better than a slot machine I guess.
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    The Best Neo Geo Cover Art

    Even with the sharpie job
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    The deathmatch- puro marks come forth

    Where my dogs at? If you know who Matsunaga is, you are my brother.
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    Price Check: Matrimelee mint English MVS kit

    I didn't see any sold stuff on ebay, and I haven't seen this on the market in a bit. anybody know what this is going for lately?
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    Love for shitty obscure fighters

    I recently got a dead shogun warriors pcb in a trade that the wizardly shadowkn55 brought back to life. It is so badass. Yeah, it's pretty awful from a comparative standpoint but I love it's quirks. The english voices are priceless. Anybody else love this garbage? I'm talking Time Killers...
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    NGF Question...Mainly for 8Man, Mahesak, and Stefano

    Donny... You are out of your element.
  7. A taking their sweet time

    I ordered a jamma to mvs converter from based on a post a put up in the tech forum here. I paid for it last Monday and I haven't heard a peep from them. I have emailed twice now and no response. To anyone experienced in using them, are they always this terrible with communication...
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    Wwf superstars power requirements

    Does anybody know if wwf superstars requires -5volts? I can't find a manual PDF anywhere. I have wrestlefest and it does not require -5 so I am optimistic that superstars is the same.
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    Arcwyvern's Neo Geo collection

    Been meaning to do this for a while. What better time than when wifey is sleeping and I'm bored! Here goes (sorry for photo quality, too lazy to break out the dslr): The corner of power Closer look at MVS carts Omega "Double Gold" 1 of 1 ever made My Omega has the coolest aqua LED ever...
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    Wwf wrestlefest pcb sprite problem

    I just received a wwf wrestlefest board today. I bought it for super cheap knowing it has issues. The board boots fine in my cab. No issues with sound, it's just the character sprites appear distorted. They are recognizable but it appears that certain lines are being doubled. I'm trying to...
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    Kof 98 out now on wii VC

    I love how all these top tier late release Neo Geo games are coming to a service that seems to be on its final legs. It's sort of fitting.
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    Star Soldier vanishing earth: passwords?

    This is a Hail Mary because most people think this game is shit... I got a copy of star soldier 64 and I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out how the password system works. I don't have the manual because it was cart only. I thought it was for saving high scores but the game seems to have...
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    NGX stick: Big steamer

    I finally got the chance to use a NGX stick. As someone who has logged hours upon hours on original AES sticks, this thing feels cheaper than cheap. They nailed the look (especially the box, very cool touch) but I was incredibly disappointed with the build quality. It's lighter than air, the...
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    4 minutes of Primal Rage 2

    Always wanted to see something other than the few screens that are out there. I've never gotten this to work on mame/dunno if it's ever been playable outside of original location tests.
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    Atomiswave boots: looking for excuse to buy

    A good friend of mine kicked down an atomiswave with kof XI as a wedding present. Totally bodacious dude move. I'm a slave to non boots for my mvs collection but with the AW, I gives no fucks. To anyone who has purchased AW boot carts from our friends to the east; do these run 100% and how is...
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    Ganryu- its place in the universe

    Seriously, why was this game made? It looks like a 1989 genesis game, only it was released a decade later alongside mark of the wolves. Defenders- are there any?
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    Price check: Dreamcast Border Down LE

    I got it today for $45. I have played the game (cdr) to death but I've always wanted to own a legit copy, I just happened upon the LE with OST and alt cover art. I know there was only 5000 made. What's it going for nowadays?
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    Code at the end of BAMA?

    I just beat bust a move again's puzzle mode and after the credits, under the SNK logo, it says "A <- -> A" I can't find anything about this on the cybernetz other than a very similar code for the Saturn version. Dudes?
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    Post here if you haven't posted in any current News/Rumors drama

    <-------- I've read the shit out of it, admittedly, but I am so far removed from that side of Neo Geo that contributing would be pointless. I will now go play the viewpoint MVS I paid $30 for.