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  1. Eric

    Vita Memory Cards 40% off

    Just a heads up for people with Vitas (both of you). 40% off Vita memory cards from Sony Extra 25% is taken off the price in the cart. Not quite SD card prices but a bit easier to stomach.
  2. Eric

    Vampire Chronicle Dreamcast

    Both games are complete and looking good. First up is Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. US version. Sold Next is Vampire Chronicle for Matching Service for JPN Dreamcast. Sold Feel free to leave me an offer.
  3. Eric

    Official NBA 2013 Season Thread

    So this happened.
  4. Eric

    Toonami is making a comeback

    And not just as a April Fool's joke again (I hope). Even more amazing is Toonami Aftermath that even has the T.O.M. scenes intact. In case you wanted to see his review of the Two Towers game again. It's like being in middle/high school again.
  5. Eric

    Newest Humble Bundle - Frozen Synapse + Space Chem + Trine

    Newest Humble Bundle has a week left. Pay what you want for charity, get a couple games, pay around $5 and get Trine and some other games thrown in. Plus they activate on Steam.
  6. Eric

    Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

    NeoD and tens of people are thrilled. It's got that one Irish guy who is in a lot of movies but no one can name but more importantly it has Stringer Bell in it. :buttrock: Actually gives me some hope. Also the directors from Crank so it's guaranteed to be stupid. ebCawfEnSWU
  7. Eric

    Humble Bundle: Name your own price indie games, money can go to charity

    Humble Indie Bundle #2 All platforms, no DRM, pay as much or as little as you want. Choose how much goes to charity or the developers. Braid is definitely worth a couple bucks. Also heard good things about Machinarium. Those who bought the first bundle also received (after 6 months) Steam...
  8. Eric

    Slides and negative scanners

    I was looking into picking one of these up, and was wondering if anyone here had some opinions on any good ones. Needs to scan both (35mm), and not looking to spend more than $150 or so. Any companies in particular to look out for / avoid? Kodak's Digital ICE technology seems to be recommended...
  9. Eric

    Look what I found.

  10. Eric

    For Merc...for your cinnamon phase

    Stormriding 101
  11. Eric

    For Merc...

    Found a video that I believe might pique your interest.
  12. Eric

    A quiz for all my friends

    Please be sure to post your results. :emb:
  13. Eric

    I just bought Wonderfalls

    for $20 at Best Buy. Now I'm worried I may have bought a show intended for women. :emb:
  14. Eric

    Hot Dog Eating : Match of the Millenium

    Will Cameron take this year's crown? Or will it go to Heather? Just my luck, the one time I want to watch it, I'll be away from TV.
  15. Eric

    Thinking of going to E3 ?

    Why bother? :crying: Oh...the games. Meh. Nothing that won't be posted on the internet by the end of the night. No big deal. I have finals around that time anyways. :(
  16. Eric

    The NHL Thread

    I know we have a few hockey fans here (Argentina94 and Abasuto) so it's about time to out the rest of you. :emb: Los Angeles Kings faithful here. PS: This thread is mostly being posted for Abasuto... Recognize, sucka! 8-6 :kekeke:
  17. Eric

    A question for the movie buffs (or anyone else)

    Have a short assignment to do for a class, but I'm not sure what to choose... What movie defines our generation? (Doesn't have to be a recent movie) First movie that comes to mind is Clerks. Any suggestions?
  18. Eric

    PSTwo lasers burning out?

    Anyone have this happen to them yet? Just trying to get an idea how wide spread this problem is before I shell out money for a slim PSTwo. Oh Sony, don't make me turn my PSTwo upside down. :crying:
  19. Eric

    WTB Modded PS2

    Anyone have one up for sale? Looking to buy a PS2 or PSTwo (preferably) with a mod chip already installed. Thanks, Eric
  20. Eric

    Question on NES dimensions

    My NES is buried under piles of stuff, but I wanted to know the dimensions of the thing. Specifically the dimensions of the cart slot for the toaster style NES if possible. (height and width when open) Thanks for the help in advance. :D