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    WTB Slug 5

    Looking for a legit metal slug 5 cart Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Looking at picking up this Metal Slug 4 but not 100% if it's legit. It doesn't have the windowed chips but the snk logo is missing and there's a few wires soldered. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Blues Journey, price to high or no

    I like this game, been out of the scene for a min but I know some prices have gone way up so is this a decent price for Blue's??? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTB MVS carts

    Finally got another Neo, here's a small list of what I'm lookin for. Thanks Prehistoric Isle 2 Mutation Nation Ninja Combat Ghost Pilots Blues Journey Sam Sho 3 & 4 Last Resort Top Hunter Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Finally getting back into it!

    Just picked up this neo get the other day. Been a few years but finally able to get my neo carts back of course now they are triple the price lol. Gonna post in the want for some carts I wouldn't mind picking up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    NEW Williams Multi Marquees

    Whats up all, I've been searching for a nice marquee to go with the newest Jrok PCB, and all ive found are missing 1 or more games or theres games listed that arent a part of the Jrok. So over the last few days ive been working on making some new ones. I'll post them here, If your interested in...
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    Neo Geo dot COM app?

    Not sure if this was ever a discussion but thought an app might be cool for the site. Something that directly relates to the site maybe with built in messenger / mail. Screw facebook I would rather read posts on here, so maybe everytime someone posts it would show up at the top of the news feed...
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    All Items Sold! Thank you. SOLD: Dragon Breed Namco Classics Collection Vol. 1 Truxton
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    FS: SNES Stuff

    Selling off my snes stuff, original owner, everything is in great condition, Prices do not include shipping. Only take paypal. Boxed Mini SNES $140.00
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    WTB Cabal Arcade

    In search of an empty Cabal cab or fully working.
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    NEO POCKET Games priced to move.

    Selling some CIB NOS Neo Geo pocket games, prices include shipping US, dont have a neo pocket anymore. Cleared these a few years ago from a store going out of business. Take them all for $100 shipped US King of Fighters R2 JP Hard Case (X 6) $10
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    Im thinkin Neo again

    Not sure if i want a 2 slot with 1 havinga multicart and the other to swap out a few favs, or a 4 slot with the same deal or a single with a multicart. Leaning more towards the 4. Cocktail would be cool too or a sit down. Decisions decisions...
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    Time for a CAP Kit?

    Picked up a Super Buster Bros the other day but the monitor is fuzzy and up top the balls are garbled. Cap Kit? anyone know what kind of monitor this is? Looks like some of the pots were replaced, I messed with all the pots but cant get monitor to resize or the ripple up top to fix. Any info...
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    Misc spring cleaning sale!

    Random misc crap laying around that i dont need, prices include shipping for the US. Original Game Boy Book Lot $25 Turbo Grafx Final Lap Twin Hu Card $6 Gameboy Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle $6...
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    WTF Auction Not Neo related

    Playchoice gauntlet way overpriced wtf
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    Un squadron pcb help Now with Pics

    Anyone in the U.S. Available to troubleshoot and fix my un squadron pcb? Game plays fine, has some graphical glitches here and there specialy at the bosses, it's like some of the sprites are missing or something. PM me and let me know how much, thanks! Part of the tanks canon is gone. Gun...
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    WTB playchoice games

    Im in search of the following playchoice games Excitebike Mario bros Super Mario 2 Trojan Ninja garden 2 Super c Dr Mario Castlevania Mega man 3 Gradius Pinbot Gauntlet I know some of these are rare but pm me with what you have, I have $$$ and some stuff for trade. Thx!