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  1. TerryMasters

    Account Deletion Request {Attn: Rot}

    Just don't use this as much as I used to. Humbly submitting a request for account deletion :help:
  2. TerryMasters

    World Heroes 2 MVS Graphics Problem

    I have a WH2 that's giving me some garbage on the right hand side. It's not a super oh-my-gosh-I-need-a-new-one problem, but cleaning didn't fix it, it happens in all slots and I would like to fix the thing, I just don't know where to go from here.
  3. TerryMasters

    Does anyone have a Quattron TV?

    Seems like half the people who know about these TVs cry gimmick, and the other half think they're the best thing ever. Technically, no there is no RGBY input source that would take advantage of the new yellow pixels. However, an RGB signal can produce yellows (how does your TV do it right now...
  4. TerryMasters

    Anybody seen one of these before? Spoiler: Wall of text I know there are MAME boxes out there but I've never seen this one before :conf:
  5. TerryMasters

    Bust a Move 2 Custom Mini Marquee

    I haven't had the time to completely recreate the Bust a Move 2 mini marquee, but I thought I'd post what I whipped up real quick: It's a combination of a previous PB2 marquee with help from Big Bear and his Bub scan. Hopefully I'll get some time soon to...
  6. TerryMasters

    WTB: Bust a Move MVS

    Kit or no kit, as long as it's legit. LMK! -TM
  7. TerryMasters

    The Definitive 'We Really Need to Phoenix CPS3' Thread

    It's come to my attention that more and more suicided CPS3 boards have gone for sale in the recent weeks. This concerns me, as I own one myself and fear that something as simple as a broken battery lead (as found on these forums, ironically) could render my purchase and replacement worthless...
  8. TerryMasters

    Well, here's my Puzzle Bobble.

    After numerous attempts to get this thing working again it seems like I'm out of luck. The cart works sporadically, it's not the MVS (though that's acting up too, always starts on slot 3 now for some reason), and lately has gotten to the point where it just doesn't show up at all. I've used the...
  9. TerryMasters

    Bison (Dic) broken in HSF2?

    I'm not a really big forum guy, this and maybe one other site are really the only two places I go, and I just started going to CMK recently so it leads me to believe someone here told me this. I vaguely remember someone on these forums telling me that M.Bison's charge kick was broken with CE/HF...
  10. TerryMasters

    Xbox Live Price Hike Caused by Activision Personally, I'm surprised this guy hasn't been fired yet. But I am doing a bit of a documentary on Xbox Live, and thought this was interesting.
  11. TerryMasters

    USB Cables

    I was going to post this in Tech Support, but the description leads me to believe it's more for console/arcade stuff than this. I have USB wall plates, that house 2 USB connectors. They run from one room to another. Because they're wall plates, both sides are female meaning I need a special...
  12. TerryMasters

    Bust-A-Move MVS refuses to play consistently

    For some reason everytime my friend fires up his BAM cart, the Unibios is almost guaranteed to pop up with an exception error. Everything else works fine (it's in a 4-slot), moving the slots doesn't help and I've already cleaned both the cart and the slots. The one thing I noticed though, is...
  13. TerryMasters

    delete me!

    all figured out. thanks!
  14. TerryMasters

    Apple vs Adobe

    My last thread about crashing consoles reminded me about this whole debacle. And there's a good reason why, because my PS3 locks up when I'm playing one game and one game only - Bad Company 2. But with EA's poorly coded mess out of the way (I say that being a fan of the game), the only other...
  15. TerryMasters

    Attention Gamers: Eject Your Discs

    This might seem like it goes without saying, but I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that they should always remove the disc before restarting a console that's locked up. I now have two friends that had to send their systems back because they didn't take the disc out first. This isn't...
  16. TerryMasters

    Doom, Double D Dodgeball join Double Dragon in Disappearing Download Act 'So upon viewing screenshots, Double D Dodgeball doesn't look anything like I expected.'
  17. TerryMasters

    The Definitive Emulation Thread

    I had some emulation questions and figured who knows, maybe this thread will help somebody, or maybe someone will go all Arcademan on it and post updates when new stuff comes out. Or both. Right now, there are two emulation questions that I could use some help with. The first one is about MAME...
  18. TerryMasters

    Did the 4-Slot v3 come with tinted glass?

    I'm working on a Neo restoration and the glass that's in this thing at the moment is clear, and I remember some Neo's having tinted glass instead. Is this what they shipped the Neo's with?
  19. TerryMasters

    I might have broken my width coil...

    I know not to use anything strong to turn a width coil - e.g. a hex key. But using the proper tool I slowly tried expanding the width of this monitor as much as I could before realizing it needed a yoke swap too, and now the image is super stretched. The problem is, I turned the width coil back...
  20. TerryMasters

    Wiring up a Neo power switch to a PSU

    Here's my problem: The old PSU that was in this 4-slot cab was literally hacked to hell. I mean that in the utmost sense of the word - as in someone poked a hole in it and wired things straight to the power supply's pcb. So now I'm trying to figure out how to wire the cab up to this...