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    hello people, i am looking for the current us/euro games. mint/nmint condition only please. please pm me with offers: I am an excellent buyer, have bought many from fellow members here, many methods of payment: PAYPAL, W.U. etc Euro World heroes 1 Euro Art of fighting 1 Euro Fatal Fury 1 US...
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    Hello people i am looking for the following carts, they must be in ((mint/mint--)) conditions EURO AOF (non-dog tag) US NINJA MASTERS US GAROU MOTW US FATAL FURY RB SPECIAL US WORLD HEROES EURO FATAL FURY (non-dog tag) US FATAL FURY 3 EURO NINJA COMMANDO (Non-dog tag) US KING OF THE MONSTER...
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    Please Delete

    Shawn has replied back to me. Although it takes a while, it is true that he had been very very busy. But I am satisfied with his reply.
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    Where is Lizzie of Neostore?

    I am just wondering what happen to lizzie of neostore, she hasn't showed up in ICQ since april. I miss her, she is very informative, helpful and fast to response. Also When is Shawn gonna put a special weekend sales again like last time? I would buy the sam sho v if it falls below U$ 300 :(. Is...
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    Wanted US AES KOF 95 MINT / like new

    Hello people looking for US AES KOF 95 mint condition. Thanks and please PM with offers.
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    wrong forum pls delete

    please delete
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    Almost Brand New SONY ERICSSON p800 mobile phone for sale !

    Selling Sony Ericsson P800 Mobile phone with complete kit (recharger, extra batteries, waist belt, extra memory stick, CDs all in it's box) for U$ 400 SHIPPED Or best offer. Pictures upon request. Only used for once or twice for testing. Please PM me :) Thanks Thanks Mushiki for correcting
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    Beware of hk_cywong in ebay

    Is this guy a member of this board? This guy does not know what is the meaning of proper business conduct. He is very rude when answering replies and often sarcastic. Also My friend told me he bought some games from him and there were defects. He tried to get a refund, and this guy HK_cwyong...
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    Wanted AES US Samurai Shodown 5 , KOF 94 & 95

    Hello people, I am looking for US AES sam sho 5, KOF 94 & KOF 95. Please PM me with your offer if you have one for sale. I am only interested in a pristine or mint (insert, cart, case must be flawless) KOF 94 and 95. For sam sho 5, near mint is fine. And by the way, if you are unwilling to let...
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    SVC CHAOS for SAM SHO V = Fair trade?

    Hey people, I am thinking to get rid of my SVC Chaos and might be trading it for SAM SHO V. Is it an even trade? Which one is more valuable? Thanks for the opinions. cheers (Additional note: I am looking to buy US AES SAM SHO V in the market: wanted forum, so if you have any for sale please...
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    Dralair - Extremely recommended

    I Just received my game today from dralair. I spent at least 10 mins trying to unpack the game. It was soooooooooooo nicely and perfectly packed, even I felt bad trying to unpack it. He is also nice enough to keep in touch and concern constantly whether the package has reached me (it took 15...
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    Prices for METAL SLUG x,3,4,5

    Hello guys I am just wondering how much are the fair prices to offer for US METAL SLUG x, 3,4and 5. I am just doing a little market value research before forking out some money to buy them. The price guide in and some people actually varies greatly. Therefore I would like to hear...
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    *Updated* WTB US AES Aes METAL SLUG 3, 4 , 5 & Sam sho 5 US

    Hello everyone, I am looking for US AES METAL SLUG 3, 4 and 5. Please send me a pm with your offer if you have any for sale. Also I am looking for SAM SHO 5 US version :). For those of you who are planning to go after SAM SHO 5 SPECIAL instead and want to sell your US sam sho 5 for a good...
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    Orpheus is the man

    No word can describe how solid it is to deal with Orpheus (Mitch). My recent transaction with him was for US KOF 98 and 99. Mitch is the kind of guy who takes great pride and honor with his deal. He is a perfectionist in packaging, I cannot emphasize how happy I am to receive my games perfectly...
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    Dolphin Atx

    Hello people I am looking for feedbacks regarding one of the forum member, DOLPHIN ATX Please post here if you have deal with him. Thank you for the feedbacks.
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    *PLEASE DELETE* all transactions completed

    Please delete, thanks
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    wanted US version King of the monsters 1 & 2

    Hello People I am also interested in the US version King of the monster 1 & 2. I probably won't pay much for them because I only wanted them for nostalgic purpose (yes collection). So if you plan to sell them, just drop me a PM with your price offer. Thank you very much!
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    OFFERING U$ 450 for Nmint/Mint KOF 96 & 97 US version *Shipped*

    Hello people If you have king of fighters 96 and 97 US version for sale, I would glady buy it for $ 450 (shipped price + paypal charge). the carts condition must be at least near mint. Or if you have only 1 of them, I would pay a separate price of: KOF 96 US version Shipped U$ 250 KOF 97 US...