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  1. juanjuan

    WTB: Ys Chronicles and Oath In Felghana PSP Complete

    Hell, if you are trying to get rid of your PSP games, give me some prices and I'll take lots off your dusty shelfs...but I'm mainly looking for the the 2 subject titles in complete condition (dont need the special edition thingies, but would take as well). Thanks.
  2. juanjuan

    FS: NBA 2K9 360

    Mint complete $45 shipped.
  3. juanjuan

    DC to JAMMA adapter

    As the title says, looking for a DC to jamma adapter, either a custom made or a commercially available kind. Doesn't have to be anything fancy, as long as it works, has VMU support and strong video output I'm good to go. Please let me know what you have and we'll discuss.
  4. juanjuan

    New Astro and MVS25 for sale, Denver *Pics Added*

    /*******************************************************/ Just to make this clear...I'm NOT selling ANYTHING by itself before potential local buyers get a chance to take a look at what I have. Obviously, I'm trying to use that as bait in order to get rid of this stuff as soon as possible. I...
  5. juanjuan

    Wanted: Dreamcast to Jamma Converter

    PM me what you have, be it custom, one of the ones ultimarc sells or whatever else that will allow me to play the DC on my cabs. Thanks!
  6. juanjuan

    New Astro City Power Supply

    The PSU of my astro city just died, so I'm in the market for a replacement. Does anybody know where I can get one with the standard connectors fitted on the cabinet? If not, what PSU would you recommend in terms of price/reliability? I'd rather get an OEM one, to eliminate having to rewire...
  7. juanjuan

    Akihabara Shop opinions wanted

    Anybody here ordered from What has been your experience? Does anybody have an email address I can use to contact the owner the directly? I've sent an order request twice in the past couple of days using their online form and still have not received a reply. Going through some...
  8. juanjuan

    WTB Ultimarc's J-Pac

    Just wanted to see if anybody has a used one collecting dust before I buy directly from Ultimarc. Shoot over a price and lets strike a deal.
  9. juanjuan

    Japanese arcade stools restoration

    Today in extreme makeover...fixing up authentic arcade candy cab stools. Even with basic (meaning first time) upholstery skills, the results are pretty outstanding. Per unit itemization: Fabric - $4.50 Seat padding - $2.49 Rubber caps for legs - $1.99 ------------------------------------ Total-...
  10. juanjuan

    Swap your GBA Micro for my GBA SP NES Limited Edition

    Lets see if anybody has anything that I don't need to offer! Maybe do a swap for a GBA Micro?!? Have MVS, GBA, NGPC games you want to get rid of? As long as they are complete, I'm all ears. Thing is mint as can be. Im thinking ~$60-70 cash value.. dunno what they are going for...just make an...
  11. juanjuan

    FS-Saturn(SFZero3) PCE(Spriggan)

    Open to reasonable offers on all games, all prices shipped (pls ignore the dates on the pics, as I just changed batteries and didn't reset the datetime): Condition (1-5) 1=poor 5=mint Saturn Radiant Silvergun - (3) No spine, disc has some scratches, manual some creases and finger marks - $135...
  12. juanjuan

    25" Dynamo Cabinet **SOLD**

    25" Dynamo Cabinet, currently in vertical orientation in the Denver CO area. Monitor does have some burn in. Has Happ controls, in standard JAMMA 3 button configuration. The control panel overlay is horrible and needs to be replaced, and it could use a coat of pain, but otherwise in pretty...
  13. juanjuan

    2 Sanwa JLF-TP-8Y sticks

    Brand new. $45 Shipped takes em both. Paypal preferred.
  14. juanjuan

    Complete Skeleton Saturn FS

    Derby version, complete with all docs, baggies and cables. Box is in good shape, system and controller are mint. I have many pics; please pm with your email addy and Ill send 'em to you. Dont really know what the market value of this is, so I'll take offers for the time being. Thanks for...
  15. juanjuan

    Wanted Top Hunter MVS

    I'm only looking for a loose cart. Please PM your offers.
  16. juanjuan

    Dreamcast's Daytona USA

    I'm pretty sure some other ppl in here appreciate the sheer brilliance of this game. Perfect track designs, awesome, super catchy tunes and 3D graphics that have stood the test of time. Plus mastering the Javelin must be one of the greatest feelings I've ever had in ANY videogame to date! Did...
  17. juanjuan

    WTB Mini marquees/art sets

    Here's what I'm looking for, plus what Im willing to pay for the mini/art set(including shipping): -Mark of the Wolves 10/20 -Last Blade 2 (Hey, I can wish...) 15/25 -King of the Monsters 1 5/10 I would prefer just the mini, but full art sets are fine too. Please help my cab look complete...
  18. juanjuan

    KoF 98 korean and bootleg question

    I just received some carts from Cosmico and among them were a KoF 98 korean version and a Metal Slug 2. Other than the lack of voices on some of the characters, what are the other differences in koF98? The cart is white with a black label and has no serials(I think there is one on ebay at this...
  19. juanjuan

    Looking for MOTW(MVS) and mini marquees/art sets

    Game needs to be original(no boots), would prefer with at least the mini marquee, jpn or english. Minis Im looking for: Sam Sho 4 Magician Lord Last Blade 2 Pulstar Blazing Star Baseball Stars 2 PM offers. I pay Paypal from checking account. [ October 31, 2002: Message edited by: juanjuan ]</p>
  20. juanjuan

    WTB Metal Slug X for PSX

    I'll pay $30 shipped for a NEW or $25 shipped for a completely, absolutely mint Metal Slug X for the Playstation. This is a gift for my nephew that loves this game in my cab and his birthday is coming up. Help me preserve 2D violence for the new Neo generation! ;) [ September 16, 2002...