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  1. mungrin

    Breakers Revenge most underrated Neo game?

    Had some friends over and for reason i popped in BR.Man we played all night. Game is a lot of fun with nice and easy combos and supers. To be honest,its a game I never really put in my cab and has been seriously neglected and over looked. It will definetly be getting more play from me for now...
  2. mungrin

    World's Most Powerful Arcade Cabinet! One of a kind!
  3. mungrin

    How do low res games look on a Tri Sync monitor?

    I play a lot of low res games on my Cyber Lead but I am considering Tri Syncing it to play some newer games like MVC3 and SF4.Will my low res games still look the same when its in 15k mode?Any Tri Syncers regret Tri Syncing?
  4. mungrin

    What was the first Candy Cab?

    I am curious as what was the first Candy Cab made and who on here owns the oldest Candy Cab.
  5. mungrin

    Free Sega Rally Dual Arcade sitdown NYC

    its gone
  6. mungrin

    Real Doll [used] $2000 U.S.

    I am not buying a used doll.I dont want some disease nor feel like wasting money on condoms on a doll.
  7. mungrin

    Help with Cyber Lead!!

    Damn thing will not fit into my apartment! This sucks.I tried takin it apart but it was a no go.Anyone know if the front panel comes completly off?I know it opens but cant figure out a way to take it off. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. mungrin

    Whats the game that made you want a Neo?

    I was thinking abut this today.Ive always liked Neo Geo when i was a kid but the game that blew me away and made me need to own a Neo Geo was Samurai Showdown.I remember my brother telling me about it over the phone and then i saw it for myself. At the time there was nothing else like Samurai...
  9. mungrin

    Forza 2 AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Man this is the best racing game ive ever played! Im HOOKED!
  10. mungrin

    Atari to bring NEo games to PSP and DS

    Atari UK has signed a new agreement to distribute the latest releases from Ignition Entertainment and SNK Playmore across multiple European territories. The deal includes PSP puzzler Mercury Meltdown, due out in September, plus SNK vs. Capcom Card Fighters for Nintendo DS, and PSP titles Blade...
  11. mungrin

    Anyone remember the unassembled candy cabs for sale?

    Few years back someone posted a link for a site that sold Candy Cab sets that had no monitor and had to be assembled.I remeber emailing the place ansd they told me they dont accept orders under like 10 or 20 or something like that.The kits were like $250 i thinkg and shipping wasnt much at all.I...
  12. mungrin

    Anyone ever use a memory card in the Arcade?

    When i was a kid and the Neo came out,one of the coolest things i thought they had was the memory card thing.You could supposedly save ur game from the arcade and finish it at home or something like that.I thought that was soo cool.I know eventually they stopped putting the readers in the MVS...
  13. mungrin

    nyko Air Flo Pc game controller

    Just bought this thing so i could play games on my PC like roms and stuff but i I cant use the d-pad,only the analog stick thing works on games and when u map the inputs on an emulator like Neorage it doesnt let you use the D-pad this sux!!
  14. mungrin

    Neo Turf Masters

    Turf Masters has always been my favorite golf game.Everything about it made me and all my friends love this game for years.It was also one of the reasons I bought a Neo in the first place. Last week I went away on vacation and the resort had a Golden Tee Golf 2003 game.Now,Ive seen this game...
  15. mungrin

    IM sorry but SvC doesnt look like a Neo Geo Game at all

    Ive never seen graphics like that on the Neo,plus that animation!Its almost to good to be true.I cannot believe that is a Neo Geo game. Who said the Neo is dead
  16. mungrin

    where is the info or pics on SvC?

    I thought there would be something on these boards by now.Something anything?Hasent anyone been to that show who has a laptop and can tell us something?
  17. mungrin

    Playmore update FLOP!

    Man i thought there was suppose to be an update on thier site about SvC on April 30th.Ive been waiting all day.And BTW who said that there was suppose to be an update anyway maybe they were just making that up to get our hopes up.
  18. mungrin

    SvC Dethrone?

    Snk Vs Capcom was the best handheld fighter ever made but i just got Street Fighter Alpha 3 and I must say that this game is awesome.This game might be the new champion.Its the same as the coin-op.
  19. mungrin

    Im not a big Kof fan but....

    Ive played all the new Kof games 99 00 01 etc Yesterday i went to an arcade and i played Kof 98.Man that game blows away all the new Kof games.The gameplay is aweseome.Bacrounds are amazing.I fought on this one board where it was night time and there was a forest in the back with trees moving...
  20. mungrin

    WANTED any type of candy cab NYC

    I am looking to buy any type of candy cab.I live in NYC and i have a truck to pick it up.I dont want to buy one from far away because i cannot afford the shipping charges.If anyone is selling one plz e-mail me at