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    MVS 4 Slot big red - sound distortion from right speaker only from slots 3 and 4

    When I originally got my 4-slot big red about two years ago I recapped it. Everything sound-wise has been working fine since then until the past few weeks when after being on for about an hour the games in slot 3 and 4 will will have loud buzzy distortion coming out of the right speaker only...
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    WTB: Control Panels/kits for Blast City/Naomi Universal: Baseball, Tennis, Monkey Ball

    Looking for control panels and/or kits for World Series, Virtua Tennis, and Monkey Ball. Thanks!
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    WTB: Neo Turf Masters and Crossed Swords MVS

    Would like to find these two carts together. Thanks
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    WTB: Neo Turf Masters MVS

    The cheaper the better thanks
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    WTB: Mini Marquees: Metal Slug X, 3, Puzzle Bobble

    I'm looking for legit versions of the following mini marquees: Metal Slug X Metal Slug 3 Puzzle Bobble
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    WTB: 4-slot Neo Geo Marquee

    Looking for an original marquee to the MVS-4-25 ver. 3
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    WTB: Dedicated Irritating Maze

    Looking for a dedicated Irritating Maze. Local pick-up or shipping if the situation is right.
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    WTB: MVS carts and mini-marquees

    Looking for the following carts/mini marquees: Neo Turf Masters Windjammers World Heroes Perfect Viewpoint Waku Waku 7 King of Fighters 98 Kizuna Encounter Breakers Revenge Super Baseball 2020 I have the following carts for trade: Baseball Stars, Puzzle de Pon. I also have other pcb's to...
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    WTB: Neo Geo 4-slot cabinet in SoCal

    Looking for a dedicated Neo 4-slot (ideally version 2 or 3) in the greater Los Angeles area or thereabouts. Let me know if you have/know of one for sale. I also have other classic games & pcb's I would trade for it.
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    CRT Fetish Thread

    well the atari problem seems to be a faulty power supply maybe. also i was messing around with the settings last night and I completely f-ed up my pvm and now I can't get it back to normal. see the attached pics...basically I'm getting a scrambled picture from my game consoles, regardless of...
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    Never seen a forum marketplace with so much "make offer" auction shilling

    You guys don't have rules about pricing everything that is for sale in the marketplace forums? I would think on a site as dedicated to rooting out scammers as this one that people also wouldn't stand for the fishing-for-suckers ploy of make me an offer when it comes to items that are in no way...
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    FS: Two New Astro City cabinets in SoCal

    Selling these for a friend. Both work great with nice bright monitors. Currently set up head to head with Super Street Fighter II Turbo. *SSF2T board is not included Price is $650 each OBO. Located in Los Angeles
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    FT: Games for NES, SNES, Sega CD, PS1/2/3, Xbox, more...

    Below are the games I'm offering up for trade. Pictures available upon request. See the second post for my want list. NES Air Fortress - CIB Defender II - CIB Dirty Harry - CIB Millipede - CIB Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest - cart only Friday the 13th - cart only Bad Dudes - cart only Wizards...
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    WTB: Nice SNES console

    I'm so tired of ebay...bought a SNES that look real nice, it arrives and it has all these markings not shown in the pictures, and is full of dead bugs. All I'm looking for is a minty-ish original Super Nintendo with no fading, no brown blotches all over the eject button and elsewhere, no...
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    New member + questions

    Well I guess technically I registered a year ago but just starting to post now. I've been on SRK almost 12 years so hopefully that's good enough cred for marketplace transactions. I've been playing neo since I started in the fighting game scene 17 or so years ago. My friends had a Neo CD...