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  1. Day_Man

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    The trailer was released today. What do you guys think of it?
  2. Day_Man

    Free Tacoma for pc

    All you have to do is sign up for the humble bundle newsletter. Can't vouch for the quality of the game but at least it's free.
  3. Day_Man

    WTB Darksoft CPS2 Multi Label

    Anyone have an extra CPS2 multi label they want to sell me.
  4. Day_Man

    Sega Astro CIty Nanao MS8 Pincushion and Horizontal Size Issue

    I'm having an issue with monitor in my Astro Cab. There is a pincushion in the geometry and on the adjustment board the pot for horizontal size doesn't work. I had the chassis completely recapped and we tried a different adjustment board. Even with the new adjustment board the pot still doesn't...
  5. Day_Man

    Possible Tube damage on Sony Trinitron

    It looks a little better in person but that's the best they could do.
  6. Day_Man

    Possible Tube damage on Sony Trinitron

    Long story short, I was dumb put my trinitron on a folding table. Table leg gave and my tv fell. Ive tried degaussing it with a wand and turning it on and off with thirty minutes rest in between. None of that has corrected the problem. I was hopping some one might know of reputable crt repair...
  7. Day_Man

    George A Romero has died

    He passed away today in his sleep from a brief battle with lung cancer.
  8. Day_Man

    How do you guys store your PCBS?

    Newb question but how do you guys store your PCBS? I know to store them in a anti static bag but do you buy small plastic bins for each one or what?
  9. Day_Man

    Mad Catz is Dead Read all about it. I guess they banked to much on Rock Band making a comeback and that ultimately killed em.
  10. Day_Man

    Anyone have any experience writing nfc tags?

    I have been having difficulty trying to write a bin file to a ntag215 using windows. I cant find a program to use. If anyone helps me ill send you some ntag215s your way.
  11. Day_Man

    WTB: Sega CD model 2

    Anyone looking to part with their sega cd model 2? Im willing to pay $80.
  12. Day_Man

    What Plug In Do I Need For Chat?

    Got a new computer and was wondering what plug in I need for chat?
  13. Day_Man

    Battlefield 1 Does Any One Care?

    I for one loved the real first Battlefield (Battlefield 1942) and I hope this game has a similar play style, with easy planes to pilot and ship to ship battles. trailer below
  14. Day_Man

    WTB: Nam 1975 Found

    Thanks all.
  15. Day_Man

    Weird verticle line running in the screen.

    I just purchased a Bust a move again off ebay and upon booting it up there is a giant line running the entirety of the screen. The line starts off white but can change color. I was wondering if anybody here knows what could be causing this issue.
  16. Day_Man

    Battlefield Hardline

    Any one play it on PC?