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  1. ruderudie

    Atomiswave mobo with 9 games

    Since i'm again cleaning out a bit, AW has to go. Mobo is like new, carts also since these are the infamous repro's that are (afaik) no longer available. All comes in nice boxes where they have been in 99% of the time since i not really used the system a lot over the years i had it. I made the...
  2. ruderudie

    FS: Sega Naomi carts - Marvel vs Capcom 2 & Cosmic Smash

    Thread says it all i guess, both carts in excellent condition and come with nice fitting box. Prices: MvsC2 EUR 150,- CS EUR SOLD Shipping will be around EUR 13,- to Europe, US will be around EUR 20,-
  3. ruderudie

    FS: MVS carts with shocks and a few kits

    Time to say goodbye to part of my mvs collection for various reasons, and with some pain in the heart. Here goes: UPDATE: somehow can't figure out how to change my thread topic in something more relevant, but a bunch of games are sold, i added some new ones and lowered some prices: New prices...
  4. ruderudie

    Neo Geo CD games

    A few Neo Geo CD games, all in perfect condition and some with spine: # Viewpoint - EUR 20,- # Art of Fighting 2 - EUR 10,- # Samurai Shodown 2 EUR 10,- # Gan Gan - EUR 10,- # King of Fighters94 - EUR 10,- # Double Dragon(new&sealed) - EUR 20,- # Fatal Fury Special - EUR 10,- # Dunk Dream - EUR...
  5. ruderudie

    Problems with Ironclad and Ghostlop MVS

    Recently i bought these carts from a member i know, who also made me my consolized MVS a few years ago. When i received the carts, obviously i tried them out immediately. I have a MVS 1 slotter in my new astro, and never had any problem with playing MVS, CPS2, jamma boards etc. Always works...
  6. ruderudie

    Ironclad MVS insert

    Is there anyone who made an insert yet?
  7. ruderudie

    Good deal with Grandmaster

    Had a good deal with Grandmaster. Not really sure this is the proper way to leave feedback, but anyway i payed fast, he shipped fast, and both parties are fully satisfied.
  8. ruderudie

    Need opinions on MVS games

    So far i still have 2 unused shocks laying here. Let's say these are my last 2 additions to the MVS library, wich 2 games have i overlooked and are obvious must haves?
  9. ruderudie

    Neo old style stick or Hori Fighting stick

    Since my brother bought his first neo a week ago, i'm looking for 1 or 2 old style sticks or a Hori fighter stick for him. I'm located in Holland btw
  10. ruderudie

    Meassurements and cooling of Neo cd

    Still in doubt of buying a front loader or a CDZ. Regardless of my choice, i do know that i will place the console in my entertainment set, so there will not be a lot of free space surrounding it. Therefore, i'm checking out some notebook cooling pads to place the console on. I do need the...
  11. ruderudie

    Neo Geo Front Loader temptation..

    Recently i've been tempted again to buy a Neo CD. I have a new astro cab with a single slot and a consolized MVS, and used to own a toploader but sold it in a moment of weakness. I really want a front loader now. So, by buying another cd system i don't intent to play it hours a day, i'd rather...
  12. ruderudie

    Pulstar MVS wanted

    I'm looking for a pulstar MVS cart. I'm from Holland, so people that are situated in the US and don't want to ship oversea know.
  13. ruderudie

    gan gan (ADK)

    Is it me or are the "crazy" moves hard to pull off? It takes a little time to get used to the normal moves but that's where it ends for me. There are no faqs or something, can't find them. Also, as i can't read Japanes, i don't know how the grappling system works. Anybody here who still gives...
  14. ruderudie

    MVS price list

    I was wondering if anybody here has an old pricelist of MVS's from the late 90's. I'm very curious about the (kit) prices at that time. I can remember at that time the home carts were a lot cheaper than the MVS carts. One thing i'm also curious about, is what the (numbers) of reason(s) are why...
  15. ruderudie

    some help with my rgb output

    My CMVS acts strange: I'm from Europe so the CMVS is standard RGB. My tv is a Sony Trinitron Wega 82cm CRT, and it has one rgb socket (rest are plane SCART) This is the problem: while i am playing, the tv seems to be almost constantly detecting the RGB socket. The result is that the VIDEO...
  16. ruderudie

    [looking for:] Labels!!

    Who can make me a few labels? I once had contact with someone who could print and send me a few labels but i can't remind who it was. I need app. 4-5 labels.And will pay for them.
  17. ruderudie

    [FS:] Garou; mark of the wolves MVS

    I'm selling an original Japanese Garou cart. The cart is in great shape, only thing is that the label is torn a little. I can place photo's this weekend. Selling price is 60 euro excl. shipping. I live in Holland so I'll have to find out about shipping prices when i know the potential buyer's...