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  1. LonelyWarbler

    Aes-3-5 checkerboard

    Can anybody familiar with the AES-3-5 let me know if this image represents the checkerboard effect? I've got the console connected via scart rgb to an OSSC. The image is the same on a few monitors. I've read through the forums but every linked video or photo of the actual effect is dead. Do...
  2. LonelyWarbler

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Just two additions to the collection.
  3. LonelyWarbler

    Greetings from Singapore

    It's a pleasure to be here. I came across the forums during my research on identifying cartridges and the promise of drama and technical support got me to register. I have been collecting NGP since it came out and still regularly play it. I've recently started to collect AES/MVS. I have only...