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    SD System 3 Randomly Resets

    Since I haven't thoroughly tested HuCards it's happened a few times playing CD-ROMS (i.e. Super Raiden & Spriggan) where the system will randomly reset to the main menu. It's as if it looses connection with reading the card after some levels passed. I'm wondering if it's my file structure or...
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    CRT Fetish Thread

    The Sony KV-1311CR is back up and running!!! Here's a pick for you!!!
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    SOLD (USA): MVS Football Frenzy, Blues Journey (partial kit)

    Purging some more items! I'll items original/no boots. For sale within the USA only. Prices include shipping/fees! Sending payment as 'gift' is much appreciated to save on fees! 1. Football Frenzy $̶4̶5̶ $35 SOLD Includes shockbox, original marquee and 'cool craig' reprint marquee. 2...
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    FS (USA): MVS Football Frenzy

    Purging some more items! I'll items original/no boots. For sale within the USA only. Prices include shipping/fees! 1. Football Frenzy ̶$̶5̶2̶ $49 Includes shockbox, original marquee and 'cool craig' reprint marquee. 2. Nightmare in the Dark $130 SOLD Includes shockbox and 'cool craig'...
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    FS (US): MVS Neo Bomberman Kit & Neo Mr. Do! SOLD

    Clearing out a few items. Excellent condition w/shockboxes. Two marquees included w/Neo Mr. Do. Will only ship within the USA at this time. All prices include shipping w/tracking. Neo Bomberman Kit $̶1̶9̶9̶.̶9̶9̶ $174.99 via 'gift' or $̶2̶0̶6̶.̶2̶7̶ $180.53 if paying via CC. SOLD Neo Mr...
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    Sega CDX dim RGB Issue

    There's a similar thread (link below) and I didn't bump since it's not Neo related but want to know if it was resolved??? I have the same issue. I connected to Viletim's adapter connected to an MVS-U4 candy cab and the contrast was very dim, unplayable. I have no issues using my PC Engine...
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    FS: NG Dev - Last Hope Pink Bullets (MVS) SOLD

    From the most recent run early this year (2014). Price is via PayPal & includes shipping. No-holds at this time. Thanks for looking! Domestic: $525 SOLD!!! International: $550
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    FS: Sonic Wings 3 & Super Dodge Ball MVS Kits w/shockboxes - SOLD

    Couple of MVS kits for sale with shockboxes. All items complete with matching serials. Very clean!!! Price includes domestic shipping within the USA via Pay Pal as 'gift'. If not 'gift', please add the extra 4%. International buyers, please inquire on extra shipping charges. Take both...
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    NG:Dev Team - Latest MVS Status Updates?

    So what's the latest on: 1. Gunlord MVS LE 2. Fast Striker 1.5 MVS 'reprint' 3. Last Hope, pink bullets MVS 'reprint' I checked out the store website today and "zero" MVS items are for sale with no info on the above. I think GL LE was pulled long ago but the other titles at least displayed...
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    FS: Matrimelee Shockbox w/cool craig reprint marquee (New)

    As the title says. I assembled these NEW items awaiting a cart/kit purchase...but since it's not going to happen I might as well let this go. $13.49 -New shockbox/Insert + cut from Southtown. -New Marquee reprint (not pictured) from cool craig. Price above includes free domestic shipping...
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    FS: MVS Ironclad & King of The Monsters w/shockboxes (SOLD)

    A few items to sell, paid via paypal as 'gift'. Prices include shipping with the US, if outside the US please PM for shipping costs. 1. Ironclad $94.99 - SOLD purchased from James (Xian XI) over at Jamma Nation X. 2. King of The Monsters $44.99 - SOLD
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    WTB: Matrimelee MVS kit (US version)

    Looking for a complete kit. $120 shipped.
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    Exception Error Handling (uni-bios)

    What causes this? It's been occuring on a 4-slot (MV4). Is it a combination of carts, ROMs, logic board? I had no problems testing all slots loaded running for an hour. Buddy takes it home, and he starts getting these messages (3 slots loaded ONLY) 40mins into a session. It's uni-bios...
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    4-Slot (MV4) Garbled Video

    It worked fine. Then I swapped out the stock US bios with a unibios 3.1v and got the garbled image/text. Only thing I can thing of; 1) unibios not making contact/sitting perfectly 2) corrupted RAM I tried removing and re-sitting the unibios in the socket to no avail. If it's the RAM how do...
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    WTB: Blues Journey MVS kit (US version) Acquired!

    Acquired!!!! Thanks! monads
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    FS: 4-Slot (MV4) - gone!

    Last board no longer available for now! Both work perfectly (all-slots) and have been tested. Prices are via paypal as 'gift' please. Prices include shipping within the US. If you're local within Chino Hills, CA. let me know for a neutral meet-up spot to save on the shipping costs. MV4...
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    FS: 1-Slot (MV-1FZS) - Sold

    100% works perfectly with all legs and English US Bios (no Unibios). The paper on the surface was to protect MVS carts (from sliding/removing). It can be removed however. If you prefer a Japanese BIOS please let me know. All prices below include shipping and PayPal as "gift": Domestic...
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    Viletim's SCART to JAMMA adapter sound issue w/MVS-U4

    Has anyone used viletim's SCART to JAMMA adapter ver. 2.0 on their MVS cabs? The picture comes up perfect on my cab but all I get is a buzzing sound through the cab speakers. Soon as I connect the JAMMA connector to the adapter (without any SCART cable connected) the buzzing noise appears. Is...
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    FS: 6-Slot MVS (USA) - Sold

    Anyone want to buy a perfectly working 6-Slot MVS JAMMA board for their Neo? I pulled it from my cab, and went to a 4-slot. The 6-slot requires a little more power to run than a 4-slot so keep in mind. Everything works perfect including memory save. The board does not have unibios installed...
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    MVS Title "screen" Cycling on Cab Demo 6-slot

    Do some titles just not cycle? For example, I recently picked up King of the Monsters and when the free play demonstration on my 6-slot reaches this title the screen stops cycling. Not even an in-game demo appears. I have to hit the Select button to go the next slot, and the cycle though the...