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    I just won the high score in jewel in the arcade and it logged me out so now it doesn't have my name next to the score. :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying: :crying:
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    Holy shit!

    :eek: :eek: :eek:
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    I just had a startling revelation....

    So I get up this morning like usual, I have my morning bowl of Cinanmin(sp?) toast crunch and go to the bathroom, upon looking in the mirror...this part is not for the faint of heart, if you keep reading this you're likely to cry because it's such a sad fate......I..... am...
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    I only went to one class today.

    I skipped my first class at 9:30, then went to the one at 11, and now Im skipping my class at 3, all thanks to capcoms glorious DMC franchise....
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    The Official I should be studying for an exam tommorow but instead Ill play DMC threa

    The D in thread wont fit. This thread is official so lets keep it that way ok boys? Dante must die mode is really fecking hard.
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    Happy Fucking Birthday Wopat!

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    Why do women always make things impossible?

    Just a quick question.
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    King of fighters PSP...literally.

    9$ I kinda want one, except that I don't.
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    Chuck norris image.

    kinda odd thought I would share.
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    DMC3:DA SE

    Anyone pick this up yet, it's a players choice and is only 20$, supposedly the difficulty was fixed and you can play as virgil. I'm going later to get it.
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    What happens when this site goes down....for good?

    I'll never get to see any of you fuckers anymore. :crying: And I might actually do something meaningful in life.
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    Happy Birthday Abasuto

    Have a good one.
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    This generation is about to what was tops for you?

    your top 10 picks for current gen. 1) RE4 (both cube and PS2 versions were fantastic, great characters, tons of replay value) 2) MGS3: Subsistence (best in the franchise, CQC was the shit) 3) MGS2: Substance (VR missions kicked ass, main game was meh cause of raiden) 4) Guilty Gear XX # reload...
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    Mine start tomorrow... When do you guys start... or when did you start?
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    PSP is dead to me.

    Sold it, no games makes me gunna miss looking at her though, the relationship was more based around me admiring the thing than actually playing it...too bad.
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    The Marines...

    I wanna join...someday. Not to escape normal day life or to run away from a problem, it's because I want to gain some self respect and serve my country. So before anyone says, "airforce" I would like to say NO, I wanna be a marine. So, if anyone who is/was or knows someone who is a marine...
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    Resident evil 4 mp3's

    Anyone have any or links to any? There are a few torrents but they have 0 seeds and 0 leechers.
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    Close the Mak thread.

    It's time, the thread is dead, move it to the "best of" *waits for turricain man to come in and act like a faggot*
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    Microsoft is really getting on my nerves lately.

    I go into circuit city to get a wired Xbox360 controller so I can use it for my PC to play roms and such, the damn thing is $39.99 for a fucking wired controller. Why the hell is it so expensive? Regular xbox controllers are like 19.99 or 25.00 at the most.
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    Happy Birthday Stifu!