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    Sean3614 Cps2 Collection

    Here are the cps2 board's I have in my collection so far. Games in picture Mega Man The Power Battle Alien vs. Predator Darkstalkers Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter Dungeons & Dragons - Shadow Over Mystara Street Fighter Alpha 2...
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    Cps2 Games for Sale

    I have some cps2 boards I would like to get rid off They have been phoenix and sadly have no label. I will add pictures later but, the cases are in great shape for their age being no cracks or broken bits. IF, you buy more than one game I will give a shipping break. 19xx $120 Marvel Vs Capcom...
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    Aes Game lot for Sale

    Hello, Sold
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    MVS 6 slot cmvs help and repair

    Hello, is their anyone in the states that can make a 6 slot a cmvs and repair a video issue being a red screen ? The battery has been removed and the board does not have any acid damage. thanks, Sean
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    wtb: both metals slugs for neo geo cd

    Hello, I would like to buy both metal slugs for my neo geo cd . thanks, Sean
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    Progrear boot or not

    Hello, I want to make sure the game is legit before I buy here is the images of the game
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    Cps2 phoenix help/advice

    Hello, I was wondering if I can use a usa Marvel Super Heroes Vs. Street Fighter Phoenix on a JP board and still be able to use the jp extra charter when I change the region to jp ? Also, I have a USA Alpha 2 board I want to phoenix also but, I only able to find a Asian zero 2 Phoenix and I...
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    For Sale : 2 cps2 black boards Mars Matrix and MVC bunde $130 shippedl

    Hello, I am new to The Neo Forms but, I have sold on Nintendo Age and I have 100% Feedback in the past. Here is a link to my feedback on NA I sold the boards to someone on Neo Forms but, they would not give any audio on his cabs and MVC...
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    WTB: Asian cps2 a board and japan green side button

    Hello, like the title says I am looking for a asian cps2 a board and a japan green side button. I do not know if its the real title its the part that has the setup, and vol up and down . thanks, Sean
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    WTB: Cps2 game shells

    I need a orange and green shell or any color shell will do for 2 of my games. so if you have a spare please hook me up. thanks, Sean
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    Aes unibios install fail want person to repair my system

    I desoldered the bios and a few of the contacts came of and I tried to fix it and I am haveing no luck. So can someone fix my aes for me ? thanks, Sean
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    MVS Motherboards for sale

    Here are the boards I would like to sell with pictures of the item that you well get. Here is my nintendo age feedback If my prices are not fair feel free to make an offer :) the boards are untested so I priced them to...
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    Neo Geo MV1C

    Hello, I am watching a mvic board on ebay and it has no video but, their is no cart in the system. The board looks great though and I can't see any damage. Should, I pass or give it a shot. thanks, Sean