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    WTB Mutation Nation ,Robo Army MVS

    Like the title says.. Thanks for looking:)
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    Difference between Neo Geo AEC and Neo Geo O?

    Does anybody know the Difference?
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    Can you use a 5v aes system with every neo geo aes power supply?

    I was wondering because i have one without power supply:) Console is Japanese.
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    ROBO2011 Collection

    Hi there, Here are my games and the place where i play them.. Will take more pictures of my Genesis/megadrive collection. Neo Geo first...
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    s.m.f is a very good seller!

    fast shipping and well packed!
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    WTB Sengoku 2 aes

    This noob wants to buy Sengoku 2 us or jap doesn't matter. Used to have the game. Really regret selling it:)
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    FS Magic Key Converter

    Hi there I have my magic key converter for sale, since i don't longer have an AES console. Looking for 200 euro shipped in Europe.
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    Would like to ttrade my Magic Key converter

    Hi there I would like to trade my Magic Key Converter for some good PC engine/Saturn games Bought it recently from Razoola but I always use my CMVS and decided to sell my AES.
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    WTB Final Fight and Robo aleste Sega CD

    Like the titel says:)
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    WTB Matrimelee MVS

    Like the title says:) Kit/loose cart. I don't care about the condition, i just want to play the game.
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    New dutch member

    Hello i'm not very new to this forum,but i never introduced myself on this great forum.Sorry about that. Used to be an AES Collector but sold/traded most of my carts to MVS. I also bought a CMVS from Analogue Interactive( the first edition without the sticks). I'm still using my AES sticks and...
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    FS Metal Sug 1 and 2 (JAP Conversions)

    Hi there i would like to sell these jap conversions.They come in snaplock cases and manuals included. Metal slug 1 150 euro Metal Slug 2 150 euro Please pm me for pictures. Since i am a newbie i will ship first to the right buyers Also willing to trade for mvs games(kit or loose cart) SVC Chaos...
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    FS: Metal Slug JAP Conversion

    Metal slug 1 Jap (conversion with manual). Bought from a French seller on ebay. Looking for 200 euros. Pm me for pictures.
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    WTB MVS Matrimelee/Pulstar/SVC Chaos

    Condition doesn't matter;)
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    hi everyone. I dropped my metal slug 5 aes card(i am an idiot).It was inside the box when i dropped it. It still starts up,but it has a lot of graphical glitches en distorted sound.Tried to clean it but no improvent. Anyone can help me out? A desperate Neo geo AES collector from Holland
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    FS:Super MVS converter 2 BLue led

    For Sale: Super MVS converter 2 Blue led Boxed. 200 Euro shipped! Only shipping in Europe please