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    KOFUM Strategy thread

    Hi all, After playing KOF98UM for a while, I finally moved to 2002UM to see what's new and find some competition. But for starters, I absolutely SUCK at KOFs. That being said, I create that thread so anybody can talk about UM strategy and combos. So feel free to ask/answer whatever you want...
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    Real Bout 2 combos

    Ok guys I'm back into Real Bout 2 and I would like some good combos from the experts here. I know there aren't dozens of combos for each character but still, let's get the good stuff coming. ;) PS: I mainly play Xiangfei and Franco but every combo from any character is well appreciated. Here's...
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    Learning to play Warcraft 3

    Hi guys, I know I'm completely outdated but I recently completely got sucked in Warcraft 3 after i took it some weeks ago. I actually wanted a pretty not-so-new game that could run finely on my small-RAM eee-pc so I decided to take W3. Fact is that I don't know any shortcuts or patterns for...
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    Shame on you God for hidding me the PSP is awesome!

    Sorry to come after the war but I had to say this. I've always been a DS guy from the Japan launch and I've not purchased many games, maybe 10 actually. I've been quite rapidly fed up with the colorful tone of DS games even if I've played some real gems. Anyway, I thought giving the PSP a shot...
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    Myspace music selection

    Ok, I thought this would be pretty handy. Considering that Myspace is a huge multi-media server, why not sharing our addresses containing all our music. So please post you Myspace address as well as a small description of what kind of music it has to listen to. Let's start by mine : Vincere...
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    Gamespot Awards 06 wonder

    I consider Gamespot to be the best place to get reviews and general news about video games over the net. So I'm usually really looking forward to seeing what games will make it in the end-of-the-year Gamespot Awards contest. Dubious Games are also I category I simply love ha ha. Sooo, I watched...
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    Ok SNK Vs Capcom Card Fighters DS is out

    And I would like to know if it's import-friendly because I'm quite tempted to buy a copy. Is there an English mode on the jp cart?
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    Am I the only one to find MKDS kinda broken?

    Sure, the game is solid but there's a feel I can't explain which makes the game a bit boring. I find the use of the drift power particularly badly made. I seriously feel a flaw in the gameplay. Anyone feels the same?
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    Going to Canada in a few months

    and I need to check the power supply compatibility. I'm European but I bought a japanese DSLite and I'll spend 3 months at Drummondville, Qc. I wanted to know if I need some kinda adaptators to plug it in Canada of if it's the same kind of power. I'm sure some of you will answer easily.
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    Recieved Elite Beats Agents...

    And it fucking blows! Seriously, I simply can't stop playing. Gamespot gave it a pretty mighty 8,9/10 and it's deserved. The completely crazy pace and stories is absolutely hilarious and the gameplay is gold. I can't believe I didn't get it sooner. When I see that I paid it $25 in the states...
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    Looking for an album (Tom Waits maybe)

    Hi all, know it's surely not the place to ask but anyway, someone's maybe the answer to my inquiry. Ok, I'm looking for a recording I heard in about 1996-1999. I'm almost sure it's made by Tom Waits. I remember it because there was only one track, about 70m long. The content was some ambiant...
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    Who's been taking part to the SGT 2006?

    Just wondering. I don't know if there are many users here.
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    Hardcore rap noob research

    Ok, seems like there's some heavy rap connoisseurs here so let's post it here. I'm actually going into some rap stuffs and would need advice. I'm looking for some hardcore stuff, no R'n'B shit please, more in this vein. Yes I'm a metalhead, so what. So I'm open to every bands you can list...
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    Speaking of Gradiuses...

    Which we weren't. :D I took Gradius Deluxe Pack on Saturn and put some time into Gradius II as I can't get through level 1 after 30m of play in Gradius I. So, GII is absolutely hard as nails. I absolutely can't get past stage 3 which owns me every fucking time. 1 life lost? Say bye bye to your...
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    Need holidays...advice please

    Ok, I officially stopped playing this fucking bullshit Gigawing game (guess what I'm totally upset) after a week of fighting against this unbalanced and level-boring game so I seriously need holidays and a change of landscape. So, why not taking one good Saturn game. So please give me some...
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    Fuck I suck

    at not-so-hard games. I'm working on Gigawing and I still can't get past the four first stages without dying like a dumb. Gigawing is assumed to be an easy game and I can't 1cc it whereas I 1cced Dodonpachi or Gigawing Generations. I worked 2h30 on the last 2 bosses and even If I managed to...
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    Where are D-Lite and Bobak?

    Pm'ed them many days ago and still no answer. Does anyone know? :conf:
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    What game does this song come from?

    Sorry for being a total ass but I simply can't remember the game it's from. It's almost a torture cause it's so easy. Please help me. Link
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    The Yamakasi-wannabe Ha ha, look at this poor guy, so pathetic stunts. I love the warning message in the beginning of the vids. Surely no one will ever get hurt trying to do so much lazy stunts ha ha.
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    PAL PSTwo (chipped) + AWESOME shmups!

    Hi guys, up for sale: Stick Guilty Gear XX Custom Stick PS2: Ok, this one's is as new, played ony once or twice and put down in the box. So there's the stick, box and explanation sheet. Great and heavy stick! 55E Life Force NES: This copy is really complete and not so usual to come buy...