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    2 MVS Kits FS: Slug 4 + Super Sidekicks 2

    For Sale are 2 Complete MVS Kits. Metal Slug 4 & Super Sidekicks 2. Both are complete w/ matching serials. Carts, Move Sheets, Artwork etc are all in great shape. Super Sidekicks 2 kit box shows a little wear. SOLD Slug 4 - $100 Shipped. Super Sidekicks 2 - $65 Shipped.
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    SOLD: Sengoku 2 Japanese Homecart

    SOLD FOR $550 SHIPPED TO EUROPE For sale is a Sengoku 2 Japanese Homecart. Complete and in good shape. Only issue is I can hear a small piece of plastic rattling around when I shake the cart around. Doesn't affect gameplay at all though. $575 ---> $540 Shipped PP Gift to the U.S. or $600 --->...
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    SOLD: Taito Stool

    For sale is an authentic Taito Stool. Stool is new/unused, has just been sitting in my storage for a while. Bought 6 of these from Roque from Taito for around $850 shipped from Japan 3-4 years ago so I'm asking $145 + Shipping. I'm pretty sure these are the 43cm stools. I have 3 more in...
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    FS: Common JPN Homecarts + SNK Stuff

    For sale are some common Japanese Homecarts + a few other SNK related items. World Heroes 2 is Cart + Manual Only, everything else is complete. Overall all the games are in good shape. Some scratches here and there, some manual wear, missing manual baggies etc. Nothing is minty mint, but it's...
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    FS: Current Gen Games

    For sale are some current gen games I'm done with or will never get around to playing. Free U.S. shipping on $30+ orders. All games are either complete or sealed. PP Gift or + 4%. Xbox One: Farcry 5 - $37 - SOLD Batman: Enemy Within Season Pass Disc - $13 Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen - $14 LEGO...
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    FS: English Homecarts - More Added 11/13

    For sale are some of my remaining English homecarts. Unless noted, everything is in excellent/near mint shape. All are complete, authentic and all include box protectors too. If you want additional pics, just ask. Shipping/Insurance is included in the price to the U.S. & Canada. For...
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    FS: SSV Complete MVS Kit

    For sale is a Complete SSV MVS Kit. Near mint all around. Matching serials (00032). Kit box is near mint as well. $250 ---> $225 --->$200 Shipped to the U.S.[/B] PP gift or 4%. I'll ship worldwide, but buyer will have to pay for shipping. Pics:
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    FS: KoF '94, '95 English Homecarts

    For Sale are a few of my remaining English AES games. Both are complete, authentic, and in excellent shape. If the prices are too high I am open to offers. Lowballs will be ignored though. Prices are pp gift or add 4%. Worldwide shipping will be at cost. KoF '95 - $490 Shipped to the U.S.
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    Free: Dishonored Definitive Ed Game Code - Xbox One.

    Just like the title says. The code came with Dishonored 2 LE, but I already have a physical copy. Free to any member that has been here longer and/or has more posts than me, or someone I have bought/sold from in the past.
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    A Few English AES Games For Sale

    For Sale are a few of my remaining English AES games. All are complete, authentic, and in excellent shape. KoF '99 has some scratches on the cart (see pics), but the cart label is in excellent shape. If the prices are too high I am open to offers. Prices are pp gift or add 4%. Samurai Shodown...
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    FS: NG Dev Team Games. Last Hope PB AES CE & Razion MVS CE

    For Sale is a Razion MVS CE Kit. I purchased this directly from NG Dev Team. It is Mint and Complete w/ Everything. $800 obo Shipped PP Gift to the U.S. $835 obo Shipped PP Goods to the U.S. I will also ship internationally if you are an established member.
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    SOLD: Razion AES Jpn Version.

    For sale is *SOLD*Razion AES Japanese version. I purchased this directly from NG Dev Team. Everything is Mint. $775 Shipped to the U.S. PP Gift $800 Shipped to the U.S. PP Goods. I will ship internationally to established members and I will split the shipping with you as well.
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    FS: Metal Slug 2 Kit + Common NGCD games

    *SOLD* Blazing Star MVS Kit. It is a complete kit w/ matching serials (holo label). It also includes a shockbox w/ insert. Cart: Very Good Shape, some scratches; includes baggie Cart Label: Some peeling to far right, see pic. Mini Marquee, Marquee's, dip settings: Excellent Shape w/ Baggie...
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    Could an Aussie please help me out?

    Lame thread but could an Australian help me out with something on ebay? There is a Vita bundle I want from someone located in Australia and it looks like he doesn't ship abroad. I'll cover everything + extra for your time.
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    FS: RotD MVS Kit. Oreshika & SOA Asian English Vita games + Wii U games.

    For sale is a complete RotD MVS Kit w/ matching serials (003430). The only flaw is the kit label shows wear, everything else is like-new. *SOLD to Kuze* $85 shipped to the U.S. If price is off on this one let me know. *SOLD* *SOLD*[B]Oreshika Asian English[/B] PS Vita. Brand New & Sealed. Jpn...
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    FS: XB1, Vita, 3DS, NGPC, Anime, + Shadow Gangs Arcade Classic

    All prices are shipped to the U.S. I will ship anywhere else but buyer will pay exact shipping. Xbox One Games: All are complete and Like-New. Fallout 4 - $25 Shipped - Complete w/ Poster. Fallout 3 download has been redeemed. *SOLD*CoD Black Ops III - $30 Shipped - Nuketown Map has been...
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    Is NES collecting even a realistic option these days?

    Guys, I want you to help me finish my NES collection. I am going for a complete cart-only set, a CIB set, and a sealed VGA set. Games must be Mint/Unplayed. Here is my current collection: I offer good price. :) Greets. P.S. Post your NES collection/setup
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    FS: Fatal Fury 2 Dog-Tag & Japanese OLED Vita

    For sale is a Japanese (region-free) Soul Sacrifice original OLED Vita complete in box. Vita is Mint. Barely used at all. Works perfectly. Comes w/ all accessories, the Soul Sacrifice game, AR Cards, manuals, charger, etc. Leather pouch, cloth, headphones, 4GB memory card are all still sealed...
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    FS: KoF '98 JP AES & Sam Sho II Dog-Tag AES

    For sale is KoF '98 JP AES and Sam Sho II Dog-Tag AES. (Sold to Big Bear) KoF '98 - $135 shipped to the U.S. - $150 shipped to Canada - $165 shipped to ROW It's complete w/ both booklets and reg card. Everything is in good shape except the insert near the top-left part...
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    FS: Neo XYX AES English

    Traded Neo XYX AES English Version. Purchased directly from NG: DEV Team. Game is Mint, Never Inserted. #1569 on the Holographic NG: DEV Sticker. Traded This is the "Limited Ed", not the "Collector's Ed", therefore it does Not include the soundtrack/poster/etc. $725------>$700 Shipped to the...