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    Back to playing...

    Hey guys, been a while. :mr_t: So I haven't touched a 2D fighter in nearly ages, just a little dabbling here and there. I just got KOFXII, SF4, and a joystick for my 360, looking to get back into playing online. Also, I saw that MOTW and KOF98 are available through Marketplace, but from what...
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    Reccomend some good DS Games

    I'm about to go on a whole lot of travel for work and I'm looking for some DS games. I haven't been keeping up with the portable stuff, but I will play a lot of portable games. I'd like some games I can sit down and get into, not something silly like a wario ware that has a bunch of small...
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    FS: Two Tekken 5 PS2 Joysticks (Mint)

    I've had these for a while and they haven't seen much use (I have three sets of home built sticks that I use more often). I've finally decided that I need to sell these things. I'll post pics later tonight to prove their mintyness. I figure $30 a pop for the sticks, but the shipping will be...
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    Screw the Wii

    I just wanted to relay my own personal story with the Wii this holiday season. I didn't want to get the Wii, I played my friends unit on multiple occasions, trying Wii Sports and Zelda, and I didn't think it was worth it. I wanted to play Zelda, but with enough games to keep me occupied for...
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    WTB: Mario Tennis GC

    It's a XMas gift for a friend. PM if you have it for sale and take paypal. Thanks
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    Public Halo 3 MP Beta in 2007 Premature Verdict: Rest of the world rejoices while kernow insists it will suck.
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    Low end PS3 now has HDMI It's for Japan Only at this point (need confirmation for US and EU markets) but I'm guessing it'll apply to all territories. Considering that now the lower end version of the PS3 will have HDMI and the only difference between the high end version...
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    Quake 4 on XBox Live

    Anyone play this at all? I just got the game last night and was having an absolute blast in the single player and decided to see how I'd like Multiplayer on a console. From what I saw it worked really well, but I only got to do a 1v1 match vs some guy in Mexico who I promptly went 5-0 with and...
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    FS: Supergun Parts (NeoBitz)

    My consolized project fell apart the board went kaputski. I'm also knee deep in gradschool and low on patience and time to start over. So I'm selling the parts that matter: NeoBitz Component/Svideo/Composite Video Converter - $80 Buy em all and get free shipping.
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    FS: GC Battlestadium D.O.N. + Freeloader

    Obviously it's for the GC Freeloader: $15 Battlestadium DON: $40 Buy em together and get it shipped for free in the USA.
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    Wii Price & Launch Date Thread ($250 w/ Wii Sports on Nov 17 in the US)

    Ok, so by tonight Nintendo should be having their first "worldwide" press conference in Japan, so I'm guessing the news should be all over the forums as far as the price and launch date of the System. Tommorrow they'll have the official US and EU conferences for the price and launch dates, but...
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    JPN PS2 System + KOFXI, Neowave, and KOF:MI PRICE DROP

    Ok, this is a hell of a bundle. Included is the following: Japanese PS2 System Includes System, Power Cord, and S-Video Cable ASCII Saturn-Style PS2 Pad (nice DPad + SF Style 6 Face Buttons). King of Fighters XI King of Fighters: Neowave King of Fighters: Maximum Impact (with collectors...
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    . :chimp:
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    Less Enthusiastic about the Wii after seeing this Download Episode 23. Normally I wouldn't be watching this crap but they have nothing but Wii gameplay footage from the game show in Germany. I was pretty psyched to see it....and I thought it all looked like complete crap. The...
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    What're the good 360 online FPS's?

    So on the 360, what's a good online FPS. Halo 2 is fun still obviously but if I'm going to get a 360 I'd like to know what FPS's are fun online for Vs. play. I generally do Deathmatch. And I <3 Halo 2 if that gives you an idea of the kind of game I like. Any suggestions?
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    Stop kernow from trolling XBox360 Threads

    You can't make a thread asking about the 360, or about a game for the 360, or anything having to do with something remotely positive for the 360....without kernow just trolling it to death. There's fanboy/system wars threads all the time and they're pretty self evident but when it's like...
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    Questions on the XBox 360

    Ok, so I'm likely getting an HDTV next month (this set) and the temptation to get an XBox 360 is high so I can play a bunch of games I've been wanting to try out (DOA4, Quake 4, Chromehounds, possibly Prey and Oblivion). But I have some general questions on the system that I figured you guys...
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    Battlestadium: D.O.N. (DragonBall Z, One Piece, Naruto) Thread

    Not sure how many of you guys were aware of the fanboy game coming out next week in japan, but the D.O.N. stands for DragonBall Z, One Piece, and Naruto. Supposedly this plays like the Naruto GC games and honestly it looks plain awesome. I've...
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    36" Sony Flat CRT (Interest Check)

    I happen to own this TV. It's not an HD Set, but it is an excellent set, especially if you're looking for a TV to play old school 2D Games on. It's 3 years old and is in perfect condition. It has 2 Component Video inputs, and god knows how many S-Video and composite jacks. I was putting...
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    The DVD's for Nintendo Kids just like me

    Super Mario Bros. Super Show! The Lengend of Zelda I don't know about you bastards but when these were out I was like 8 and it was the greatest show on the planet. I have gladly repurchased my childhood from the fine bastards who decided to repackage it on DVD. Got the links for these from...