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    LTB JPN Sega Saturn!

    As the title says, I am looking to get a jpn sega saturn since mine just died few days ago. I would prefer the white but would be interested in any at this point. I have Radiant Silvergun sitting and waiting to be played:crying:
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    1.5 Hrs fighting Evil Ash

    Hello folks, before I start I will admit that I am still pretty bad at KOFXIII because I just got my Hori VX stick few days ago and as you all know it is going the cheap route so it isn't the best stick on the market but its a poor man's stick [way too many stick references I know just bare with...
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    CMVS trouble shoot

    Hello fellow members, I just recently got a CMVS MV-1C in great working order. I played it for two days and on the third day [today] I got home and I flipped it on and all I saw on the screen was a pixel filled screen with all diff colors. I thought it was nothing just some dust so I cleaned the...
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    Help a noob out!

    Hi all, I am not sure if it has to do with me being new to the forum or what. I just bought a game off a credible member here and after receiving the game and being happy with the transaction I wanted to give the seller a positive feedback. So here is where I need some help. At the feedback...