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    TypeX2 menu/options

    I have a board with me, and I'm trying to turn off event mode in XIII. I turned it on some time last year, but I forgot how to get into the options of the system so I can shut it off. Anyone know how to do this?
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    King of Fighters XIII Tournament Pot Donations

    I know there have been several donations threads already, and most for a better cause than this, but we're trying to make it more enticing to enter, and give more people motivation to win it. We hold tournaments every year at Evo, and they tend to have a good turnout, but we want to make this...
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    Evolution 2011 Las Vegas, NV July 29-31

    Other than the Vegas crew, who is going to this? I'm going for sure, Delly says he'll be there, Digital Gypsy, who else? The more SNK heads the better. The event will be held at the Rio this year. Last year there was 3000+ people in attendance, and more are expected to be there this year. SNK...
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    MOTW Dip Switch Menus

    Hey tech people, I'm trying to figure out how to get into the dip menu in MOTW to check out hit boxes, hidden menus and other stuff. I've seen people do it before, but they withheld the info on how to get into the menu. I figured one of my sexy buddies here would know how to get into the menus...
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    RIP Kinn "Robotron" Henderson

    He wasn't as active here as he was on other forums, but I know some of you guys knew him. I posted this over at s-c: Those of you who have been apart of the forums for a while will know the name Robotron. He passed away earlier today. No word on the cause, but before the site went down, he told...
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    FS: Marvel vs Capcom 3 T-Shirt
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    FS SNES Games

    All Prices include shipping within the US Megaman X2 $33 Super Mario All Stars x 3 $25 (each) Zombies Ate My Neighbors $17 tetris 2 $12 tetris Attack $17 Donkey Kong Country $16 Tetris and Doctor Mario $20
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    FS: MadCatz TE Dual mod stick

    I need to get rid of this thing, won't have a 360 for a while, don't have a PS3 and I don't game much on my PC. Dual Modded MC SFTE stick - Works for PS3/360/PC Condition is very good, its modded with Toodles' Cthulhu and IMP boards. I've tested it on all 3 systems and it works the same on...
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    50 cent as a cancer patient

    I'm not a fan of his, but he lost 54 pounds for a role as a cancer patient, and I gotta say, he seems to be pulling it off. The guy looks like hell right now.
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    Borderlands 360

    So I lost all my data a few months back and have the game again. Can anyone out there help me level up my character? I just need someone deep into playthrough one or on Playthrogh 2 to help get me to about level 30. I don't have any of the expansions :/
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    $97 Best Buy Gift Card/Store Credit for $75

    I have 2 Best Buy cards here, 1 Gift Card worth $10, and a store credit card for 87.31. I don't have the latest receipt, but I just checked them both on and that's the total for them. I'll add a pic once I get a screen shot of it. I can either mail the cards to you, or send you the...
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    Marvel vs Capcom 3 TvC2 or MvC3...or is it the retarded step child of the two?
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    FS: Neo Geo 4-Slot big red (SoCal) MOTW, MSX, Street Hoop I'm willing to haggle. Games I have are listed there, but I'll also list here Garou MOTW JPN $70 Metal Slug X $40 Street Hoop $ 30 If you want the games just pm me here and let me know.
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    12month Live card, PS, DC, PS2, DS

    12 month Live card: Bought it in mid Jan, have no use for it anymore since I'm not going to use it. Asking $35, and I'll PM the code. Also a bunch of crap on ebay, SOTN, CV Chronicles, DS CV lot, and more. More...
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    Garou MOTW GGPO

    Play it, and play it with me. The room needs more players that will actually play.
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    FS: 2 slot CMVS, MVS carts (KoF2k2 full kit) and more goodies.

    Selling all my of MVS gear. If you are interested in buying anything just PM me and I'm also only taking paypal. -First up my 2 Slot consolized MVS: Comes with unibios 2.0, has memory card slot, RCA and S-Video jacks, power plug, volume control adjustment and takes standard neogeo...
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    Twilight Zone Collection & Patlabor 2 The Movie DVD

    My friend is trying to get rid of these. Both are brand new and sealed. Patlabor is a 2 disc collection set and comes with 2 books, one story board and the other is archives. US region, gold box. Twilight Zone is the compete series, in a 28disc set. It feels like I can knock someone out with...
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    FS: KOFXII Terry Statues/Figure

    I have two KOFXII Terry Statues that I'm selling for my buddy. They were given out by Ignition at the KOFXII tournament they held here in LA a few months ago. The Terry in this pic is the same exact Terry I'm selling for my buddy. Its brand new in box and has never been open. One of the boxes...
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    26 Freeman's Just Defend

    I was going to put this in the KOF glitch thread, but since this isn't KOF, here it goes. 25 glitched Freeman and one real Freeman. This glitch works on all versions of the game, the reason we recorded it on 360 is cause we were testing if it worked...
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    Garou MOTW (GGPO/2DF) match making

    Since the XBL version is a pile of shit, this is all that we have to play a good game with. I don't know how many of you guys actually play this game on these, but lets make a list with user name. Giby 2df: Man Chest GGPO: Man Chest