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    FS: 15 japanese homecarts - collector´s quality!

    Hey guys, the rest of my homecart collection has to go. I have 15 titles left, all complete and in near mint to mint condition. May have slight insertion marks but that´s about it. Old style cases are not cracked. No sunfade, rips or tears - pretty much what a collector is looking for. Feel...
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    FS: Collector´s quality japanese AES carts + English KoF 2K2

    Hey guys, i am selling my collection of mostly japanese homecarts. If you are looking for collector´s quality items, this is your chance. All carts are original, complete and in near mint to mint overall condition. None of the trays of the old style cases are cracked, no game has sunfade...
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    WTB: Breakers and Zintrick japanese Neo Geo CDs

    Hey guys, I'm looking for mint and complete japanese copies of Breakers and Zintrick for the Neo CD. Should be complete with spine card, CD without scratches. Also looking for the wooden KoF 98 box, might be a long shot though... Cash is waiting to be spent - hook me up if you want to part...
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    WTB: Brass Construction CDs!

    Hey guys, might be an unusual request but i am looking for three CDs from the classic american funk band Brass Construction. These are long out of print and i have no idea where to find them apart from occasional ebay auctions at ridiculous prices. I need the following titles: "6", "Attitudes"...
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    FS: Japanese Metal Slug homecarts *2,3,X,4 and 5*

    Hi all, i have to raise some cash and need to trim down my collection. I have the following japanese Metal Slug homecarts for sale: Metal Slug 2 - 600€ - Sold - Metal Slug 3 - 400€ - Sold - Metal Slug X - 550€ - Sold - Metal Slug 4 - 250€ - Sold - Metal Slug 5 - Sold - All carts are...
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    FS: Rage of the Dragons japanese AES

    Hi all, i have a complete japanese Rage of the Dragons homecart in near mint condition for sale. Some insertion marks on the front, few stains from the embossed SNK logo on the back. This is an original authentic cart, so don´t worry about conversions... Price is 500€ plus shipping. I accept...
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    PS Vita - Meinungen?

    Am kommenden Mittwoch steht ja der Release der PS Vita in Deutschland an. Leider leider wächst in mir mal wieder das unlogische Verlangen, dass mich immer erwischt, wenn neue Hardware ins Haus steht - auch wenn ich bisher eher mäßig begeistert von dem Teil war. Ich kenn das schon von diversen...
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    FS: Battlefield 3 PS3 -new and sealed-

    Hey guys, i have a new and sealed copy of Battlefield 3 for the PS3 that i don´t need. It´s the regular German retail version. Uncut and also in English... I´m looking for 40€ shipped in a registered letter within Europe. Drop me a pm for pics, questions, whatever.
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    Bullet Hell - ich bin genervt!!

    So, nachdem meine XBox ihren nach entsprechendem Modding auch japanische Games liest, habe ich mich mit diversen Cave-Titeln eingedeckt und schon geht der Frust los. Deathsmiles geht ja noch, aber DDP Dai-ou-jou oder Pink Sweets haben zwischenzeitlich einen dermaßen abartigen...
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    The Bud Spencer & Terence Hill appreciation thread!

    The Bud Spencer & Terence Hill movies were a big part of my youth. Watched most of their movies countless times during the last 30 years and still love em today. Mr. Pedersoli and Mr. Girotti still have a large fanbase in Germany these days with me being part of it. Show some love for the guys...
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    WTB: mint & boxed Neo Geo CDZ system

    Hey folks, i am looking for a boxed, complete CDZ console in mint or at least near mint condition. Offers from overseas are welcome. I am aware of the shipping costs and i am ready to pay right away if you have a nice system for me. Drop me a pm if you want to part with your CDZ. :)
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    FS: Bang Bang Busters (US Neo Geo AES) -new- *SOLD*

    Hey guys, title says it all: i have a new US Bang Bang Busters homecart for sale that i have to part with due to some unexpected bills. I bought it new on release and have not played it since then. It´s number 88 out of 100. Price is 500€ plus insured and trackable shipping at cost anywhere...
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    WTB: Mint Sega Nomad!

    Title says it - i am looking for a mint or maybe near mint Sega Nomad. Should be in clean condition and without scratches on the screen. I´d appreciate it if the box and paperworks were available too, but this isn´t a must. If you want to part with yours, drop me a pm! :)
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    FS: KoF 2K2 homecart (US) - new- *GONE*

    Hey guys, i have a new KoF 2K2 (US) homecart that i´d like to sell for 145€ shipped within Europe. A classic insert is available for this as well. I have purchased this from the Neostore a couple of years ago and Shawn picked a pristine copy for me. So it has no dents in the box, no insertion...
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    FS: Apple iPad 16 GB Wi-Fi - like new-

    Hey guys, i have just listed a 16GB Wifi (no 3G) iPad on ebay, which is complete and in like new condition. I got it new about 3 weeks ago and i have kept it in this condition. It also comes with the original iPad case from Apple, which also costs 39€ over here. If anyone on this board is...
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    PC Engine - recommendations?

    Hey guys, i just recently acquired a japanese PC Engine Duo-R - a system which i had completely ignored for some strange reason over the years. I bought it merely out of curiosity and i really don´t know much about the available game library. It came with a copy of Twin Bee and i also bought...
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    WTB: PC Engine controller extension cables - found!

    I recently bought a japanese PC Engine Duo-R console and i am now looking for two pad extension cables since the original chords are really short. If you have two for sale or know where to get these, please post here or send me a pm. Thanks! :)
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    WTB: Ninja Master´s Neo Geo CD -mint-

    Hey guys, i am looking for a mint and complete copy of Ninja Master´s for the Neo Geo CD. Must come with the spine card and have a scratch free disc. If you have a nice collectible copy for me, drop me a pm please. Thanks! :)
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    WTB: DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label Extra for XBox 360

    Hey guys, i am looking for a japanese copy of DoDonPachi Daioujou Black Label Extra for the XBox 360. I´d prefer a new copy, but i will also consider a pristine mint and complete one. If you have the game and want to part with it, drop me a pm please.
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    Club Nintendo points for free (Europe only) - gone!

    Hey guys, i have two Nintendo points codes for the stars catalogue to give away for free. Don´t know how many points these actually are, since i have never bothered to register there. If you want these, send me a pm and i will send you the codes. First come, first served. For european members...