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    Arcade1up better than real cabs?

    Im removing the Pandora 9, and adding a Hyperspin Frontend. Just waiting on my parts from Ultrimarc to arrive.
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    This is my collection now

    HyperSpin THis is basically what I use now, its an amazing setup. Still have a shelf of originals. But this kicks ass. All under 1 setup frontend. 5 TB of stuff. Screw collecting. All I ever need. Arcade related Mame Full Mame Set with CHDS, 288 Gigs Updated 1.55 Cave collection Full...
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    WANTED: A pair of PC light guns/Driving wheel for hyperspin

    Looking for a reliable pair of PC light guns, and a driving wheel to use with hyperspin. PM me please. Thanks Chris
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    Boxed NGPC: Complete

    Looking for an NGPC, boxed and complete. Thanks! Chris
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    The New Fitness thread

    I hardly work out anymore. I perhaps should though.. im 33 now. And when i said I eat whatever I want, well I still try and eat good food. Just lots of different types per meal.
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    Wanted: Boxed NGPC and a loose magical drop pocket

    Wanted: Boxed NGPC and a loose magical drop pocket Looking for pricing. Thanks Chris
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    Magical drop pocket

    Looking for the complete game, but id prefer the cart. I have an empty box and manual. Thanks Chris
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    Magical drop Pocket (Cart Only)

    Anybody have one of these kicking around? Send me what youd like for it. Thanks Chris
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    Two NGPC carts

    Im looking for a Magical drop pocket US cart And the The match of the millennium cart As stated... I have the rest.. need the carts. Thanks Chris
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    Add your Starcraft 2 friend code information

    Im playing this quite a bit. Starcraft Name: WizShaw Starcraft Code: 323 You can also use your facebook account or email address. Post yours. :) Chris
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    Free Onlive for one year. Sign before July 15th

    Remember that streaming Onlive site that allows you to play games with even a shitty computer. Sign up before July 15th and get a years worth of play for free no strings attached. Im trying it out, 1 year for free. Fuck yeah, who cares if it might suck.
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    The I-Pad thread (And other choices)

    Well the I-Pad finally releases in a few days, and I can say that I did initially want one, however, that is slowly changing as I begin to see what some of the competition is offering. The main reason I wanted it is to use it as an E-book reader, but even that seems limited as I want to be able...
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    Canadian retail 360 Arcade clearance $129.99

    There are a number of retailers clearing out their 360 stock and if you live in Canada and want to pick one up, you have two days left to do it. Plus Futureshop and BB (being the same company) has free shipping. The source Futureshop Bestbuy ToysRus etc... Look for a complete...
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    Dragon age origins: The thread

    Well there is one for demon souls, so I figured that I would make one for this game as well. Right now I am currently on my second play through, and let me tell you that this game, this game is the best rpg that I have played in god knows how long. The story is just so captivating. So much to...
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    Best Plastic Filler to use?

    I need a plastic filler that I can sand that will look good with light grey plastic. So I am looking for some suggestions as I know a few people do mods here. Im updating my twinsticks and adding a microphone port and a few other things. I only need a tube, something I can just fill in around...
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    Wanted: 360 Hori PCB

    I need a PCB of a hori ex2 or another stick of similar design. Need it for a project, shoot me a price if you have one. Thanks Chris
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    Close Thread... And thanks for the help to everybody who inquired.

    I want to order this, will anybody let me borrow their US address so I can buy one of these? They don't ship to Canada. Somebody with a trusted rating or somebody who I have traded with personally is preferable. Ill paypal you the funds to cover the shipping. All you have to do is just relabel...
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    My trip and observations from japan.

    This place is worlds apart from North America Here are a few of my observations. Food: The portions here are much smaller but also healthier for you as they try and balance out meat, carbs and vegetables. Not in every meal, but certainly many of them. Taxes: The tax is only 5 percent, in...