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    Hyper on SFAC

    Post it up here- Let's shoot for a good games section and what not I use the whole cast but prefer 'Gief!
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    Forza anyone?

    This game owns GT4- it is bad ass and cutting into my CVS2 and 3S time. Someone please play me
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    School me at CVS2

    Anyone who wants to play CVS2 please shoot me an FR. It's getting hard to find matches. Please, no EX grooves :shame:
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    Garou Terry

    Need some B&B w/ Terry. I already know break combos to buster wolf and the basics. But what are some good feint combos??
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    Stupid Kyo combo question

    Can someone reccommend a timing device to getting a super out after df D? I've seen vids of 02 and 03 Kyo super cancel df D
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    Prepping for 02/03 on XBL...

    ...I just got the PS2 version. I have to say that everyone is going to hate Geese online in 02. He is the same monster from Chaos, same max mode combos, same b&b ending w/ raging storm :multi_co: Anyways, who else is planning on picking this up for XBL, and which one will you play more(not a...
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    For those who have 02/03 on PS2

    Are the added characters in 02 broken? I mean between O Iori, Geese and Goenitz can XBL scrubs rejoice w/ an all new all hidden boss team? Please tell me they are not.