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    FS: Guns, games, and records...

    What more could you want!? I'm selling some odds and ends that I no longer need in my collection. Everything here is adult owned and from a non-smoking home. All questions and offers welcome! Firearms (not the pellet gun) must be shipped to your FFL or purchased in person. I'm currently located...
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    SOLD: Neo Candy 25 4 slot+ MVS carts w/ shockboxes & marquees [AL]

    It is time.... I'm selling my neo geo collection. This well maintained candy cab is adult owned and comes from a smoke free home. It has a beautiful, sharp monitor and crystal clear glass. The locks are in great shape and the keys are included. The upper bezel has slight yellowing from its time...
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    FS: 160gb PS3 w/ GTAV and Skate 3

    Selling my 160gb slim PS3. Purchased it a few months ago and finally beat GTAV so I don't need it. Comes LNIB with: 1x Dualshock 3 1x Power Cable 1x AV Cable 1x Bluetooth headset 2x usb charging cables 1x GTAV 1x Skate 3 Adult owned, smoke free home. Games have no scratches and play fine...
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    FS: Last of Us w/ online code

    Greetings all. I just finished my second playthrough of this fantastic game and now I'm emotionally spent. So it's for sale! Last of Us - PS3 -LNIB -Valid Online code, never used -Non smoking home, adult owned $old in the USA PAYPAL preferred.
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    FS: 16gb Ipod Touch 2nd Gen $70 shipped

    16gb 2nd Gen Ipod Touch. Unit is in great overall condition. Back is scratched from daily use. Front and screen are in excellent condition. Screen cover was applied on day 1. Original owner. Comes from a smoke free home. Great battery. 1x Ipod 1x New Ipod USB cable. $70 shipped in the USA...
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    Where to find project box for a custom arcade stick?

    I am thinking about making a custom hitbox controller Where could I find a project box for this?
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    FS: UPDATED HD - DVD Collection, iEdge Dsi flash cart

    All prices include shipping to anywhere in the USA. All items are from a non smoking home. Everything works great. All questions welcome. Paypal only. iEdge $22 1x Original case 1x Flash Cart w/ newest update 1x Micro sd to usb reader 1x 2gb SD card HD-DVD Collection $85 1x Complete in box...
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    I know there's a movie thread...but really who checks that? Anyone else see this movie? I drove out to see it with the gf tonight. She was down since Gossling was in it. Very cool soundtrack, fans of the 80s electro thread will really dig it. Drive felt like a neo-noir homage to an 80s car...
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    PREY Collectors Edition $15 shipped -Great condition -Includes all artwork/paperwork -Working CD key that can be registered on any computer
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    FS: Truxton PCB SOLD

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    FS: Dreamcast w/ vmu, controller, games and soundtracks. PRICE DROP

    Selling my DC system, purchased new in 2000. Still in mint condition and from a non smoking home. Plays burns and new indie games just fine. NO video cable included, I recommend 1x White DC 1x Official Sega Emerald...
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    SOLD Boxed120gb Xbox 360 Slim + LA NOIRE $175

    Mint condition Xbox 360 slim w/ 120gb hdd. As always, item is from a smoke free home. Boxed, complete Xbox 360 Slim 4gb unit -Upgraded with 120gb Microsoft Cert. HDD -Matte 4gb version -Manuals, baggies etc all included. -1 White Controller w/ chatpad -1 Official Headset -1 1.3c HDMI cable -1...
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    Ray Wise reading Sarah Palin :tickled:
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    FS: Sega Genesis LOT SOLD

    ***Pics coming soon*** Everything is from my collection, non smoking household. Everything works perfectly. Some loose games may have a sticker etc...a few boxed games have no manual, these will be listed when I add pics. Free shipping. SOLD Sega Genesis Model 1 -VERY good cosmetic...
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    Anyone here use PS3 break/PS Jailbreak? What's the best?

    Just got a cheap ps3, it's got 3.30 fw on it and I'm looking to get into copying my games to the drive etc... Anyone here do this? Which is the best usb dongle?
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    FS: Alan Wake, Perfect Dark Zero LE PRICES DROPED

    All games are mine, purchased new. Smoke free home. Xbox 360 versions Alan Wake -Mint -Complete $18 shipped Perfect Dark Zero Limited Edition -Mint -Complete -Steelbook w/ art cell $10 shipped
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    FS: Sims 3 DOWNLOAD CODE 50% off

    Selling the PC version of Sims3 I got with the xbox 360 version. Game sells for $40 on steam and EA so I'm selling this code for $20 via paypal gift. It has never been used and is guaranteed to work! THIS CODE EXPIRES APRIL 1, 2011
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    FS: 48-n-1 Vert PCB $80 PRICE DROP

    I'm selling my MINT, barely used 48-in-1 vertical pcb. Classic game list, works great and looks great via jamma or VGA. Sound is perfect. Ships first class or Priority, insured with tracking. $80 shipped 1942 1943 Arkanoid Burger Time Centipede Crush Dig Dug Donkey Kong Donkey Kong 3...
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    SOLD: Raiden Aces, Raiden IV, Deathsmiles.

    Selling these 3 complete, mint xbox 360 shooters for SOLD Ships first class w/ tracking. Games have been played about 1-2 hours each, smoke free home etc...
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    Did everyone know that Ketsui and Doj work in mame now? Been playing both...they run great! :multi_co: