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    Neo Geo Pocket Color with MOTM, Last blade, and more

    Hey, I'm trying to sell my neo geo pocket color system because I really don't have a chance to play it anymore. It is in Near mint condition (only owned for a few months and taken care of) with barely any marks on the screen. The games are all bare carts with cases and are as follows: Snk vs...
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    Last blade 2 dreamcast secret

    Ok, alot of you might know this but I JUST found it out tonight while playin a friend in last blade 2 (japanese edition) for dreamcast even though i've owned the game for about 8 months. Me and mygroup of frinds recently got into the 6 button fighters for dc, so my friend had to adjust his...
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    Writer is "Ashamed" of neo fans on here/going to talk to ben herman

    Wow, this guy is a trip. He writes for 411mania games section and always says how much he loves the neo and everything. I thought he was a good writer, untill I e-mailed him about the anger people were showing with the censorship of American games. Here is the site...
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    Need a dreamcast cable

    I need either a high quality (first party would be superb, like the ones thy have at yahoo japan from what I'm told) S-video cable for my dreamcast, or some way to hook it up to component. I am totally lost on how to do this.
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    Component input question

    edit - nevermind i did some research. yay
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    Famitsu reviews ps2 version

    they gave it a 25 out of 40 - means about average. It was given a 6/6/7/6 doesn't really surprise me since even many hardcore players like us think its a let down. Anyone have the translated review?
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    Biomotor unitron

    How much is this game worth? my friend has the (i think complete) american version.
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    Dreamcast S-video with the naki vga box

    ok, i picked up a used naki vga box for my DC and wanted to use it to hook up my system to my pc monitor, AND to use it also as a very nice s-video connector. The vga part worked just beautifully. You won't believe what ikaruga or REZ looks like at such a high resolution. The problem happened...
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    The "I'm sorta tired of playing SvC chaos" thread

    as opposed to the "IM SICK OF CHAOS" thread cause really for me, my group of fighting game fan friends, and most people at the arcade we hang out at to play it, we are just sorta...tired of it. Having a guy decimate 20 people in a row with violent ken just soured my taste for it last night...
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    Does no one want these sweet NGP games? comonnn! 4 bux a pop!! i'll put em on here for a trade if the auction doesnt work
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    Some NGPC games for sale or trade

    Hey, this is the first time I've tried selling anything on here but i can provide my ebay profile if ya want (almost at 100 positives with 100% feedback) anyways, i jumped on the NGPC deal they had over here getting 10 games and the system for 120 bones. I love 6 of em, but 4 of them i really...
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    My take on chaos

    Allright, i been back and forth on this game and gone from loving it to hating it, etc. I been playin it in the arcade as much as possible (since i work in the mall its at) and after prolly blowin 10 bux playin it total by now (probably more than that), here's what I personally think. I love...
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    Anyone got tips to beat chun-li?

    Only two people hand out regular ass whoopins at my local arcade and are almost unbeatable, and they both use chun-li (though there is this dude who is WICKED with dhalshim, and my ken rocks but we both get beat at times) anyway, i personally can handle almost anyone who playas against me when...
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    Wanted: Last Blade 2 arrange soundtrack

    hey, wondered if anyone had a copy they are selling, or could point me in the right direction. I got a sweet deal a few months ago on the LB 1 arrange cd and the LB 2 original cd and want the LB 2 arrange soundtrack after hearing how good the LB1 arrange was. I got tons of stuff to trade...
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    The big ass CENSORED kof 2000/2001 PS2 review thread

    No blood = no reviews LOLZ
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    First PS2 KOF 2000/2001 review in *shudder* game informer

    Yes, the magazine that stated that the king of fighters series started on the neo geo pocket and also stated that the neo geo pocket only had 12 owners (in a metal slug advance preview) is the first to review the new 2-pack. They gave it a 7.75 Here's the review: KOF 2000/2001 review fy game...
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    KOF 2003 port compatability question

    Ok, please dont make this into an AES-MVS ONLY!!! / PORTS SUCK thread because many, many people can only enjoy SNK games on DC and PS2 for various reasons. The ports on DC were great and the PS2 ports look to be coming along fantastically too. This is a question alot of people will be asking...
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    Who is your "beater of ass"? (which character u use)

    First person to tell me where i got that line from gets a cookie. Anyway, who do you use most (or even exclusively) when you play Chaos in the arcade? I always pick Ken - for a few really good reasons. I like to use supers, and his supers are mad easy to do and pretty damaging. Also, i...