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    Neo MVS carts+shockboxes+MAS SuperNova+ 1 Slot board.

    I really have no idea what to price all this at. If someone like spike or tonk or someone could PM a good ballpark figure I would be very thankful ;). Ideally I would like to sell things in at most 2 bulk pieces (all the games/shockboxes and then the system.) I am moving soon and there is just...
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    SNES and NES game collections + more to come

    I graduated and I am about to move to a tiny ass place in New York so I both need the space and the money. So a good portion of my video game collection is getting the axe. Ideally I would like to sell each systems games as a set. I am not really sure what they should be priced at so if someone...
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    Midi Controllers/keyboard

    I have been thinking about getting a midi controller for a while, it is just something I always kind of wanted to play with. There seems to be an expert on every subject here so I figured I would check on peoples opinions. Anyway I was thinking of getting this thing -...
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    If you havn't seen it yet it "Dr. Horrible's sing along blog" comes down at midnight

    If you havn't seen it yet it "Dr. Horrible's sing along blog" comes down at midnight Joss Whedon, Nathan Fillion, Niel Patrick Harris, Together in a superhero musical. Watch and enjoy :)
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    looking for wow glider key

    hey I am looking for a key for WOW Glider. Alot of my friends are playing again with the new expansion and I would like to join them at the higher levels (they are on horde side and my high level is on allience.) But I honestly have to much school work to level up. Anyone want to give me a...
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    Twin Sticks for vitual on

    I need some fucking twin sticks... Looking for 2 Twin Sticks for Virtual On. Will take dreamcast ones or saturn ones if you have a converter for using them with a dreamcast. (also would buy the game ;) ) P.S. if you want to sell me the cab in the general area of Pennsylvania (or know where I...
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    Warhammer 40k army (20characters)

    Just a shoot in the dark but I am considering getting into warhammer 40k and I am looking to buy or trade for a 40k army... would consider any army list.
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    Shock Boxes.......20

    Hey, I am going to be looking to trade (or sell) some shock boxes (I think I have about 20) when I get back from break. In the meantime could someone give me an idea of what they are going for these days? (Just realized how little I use them and figure someone else might want them more.)
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    Finally breaking down and looking for a genesis. (possibly with a CD and 32X)

    Been picking up genesis games for a while now thinking one would fall into my lap at some point but not I am bored of waiting :). Looking to pick up someone's genesis collection if they want to dump it. Will buy all your games if the price is reasonable and would be interested in the 32x/CD...
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    Book club.

    This might be kind of an off the wall question. Lately though (last year or 2) I have noticed my reading falling off and I realized it is because I just don't know what I want to read anymore. Is anyone in a book club they really like? Obviously no bestseller crap please. Something that spans...
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    Great Lan party and internet games, know any hidden gems?

    Just wondering if anyone has any good suggustions for games for a small Lan party. And good games to play 1 on 1 with a friend who is out of town. Please avoid the obvious (like UT, HL, and the like) A few I suggest- For a LAN- Myth 2 (2 is my favorite at least, can't go wrong with any...
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    World of Warcraft

    Looking for a copy of World of Warcraft... need an account... (it is ok if the account has been activated as long as I get the account with the game :) ) An unactivated copy is fine as well... Thanks - Mike
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    Keyboard (Electronic)

    I have been thinking of getting into midi/sample music creation and I want to get a keyboard. I am not all that interested so I don't want to spend a whole ton of money :). Anyway I am looking for a keyboard the plugs into my computer and doesn't have any bells or whistles like speakers and...
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    MTG cards

    I have been thinking about how much I enjoyed this game back in the day and nastalga requires I buy some :) I just lost the auction I was watching on ebay though and was wondering if anyone here has a set they would be willing to sell/trade to me while I wait for another auction I like on ebay...
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    Supid question about my super nova :)

    hay, when I was moving recently I lost the s-video wire for my nova (while moving). The thing is the output from the nova is a really wierd shape... can I buy a replacement wire for it in a radio shack or something? :) thx in advance -MIKE
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    WTT MVS carts for MVS carts :)

    Hi, I have some mvs carts that i would like to trade for other carts (hence the title :) I am not looking to get everything and am not against throwing in some money or have some money thrown in to even out a trade I have: -Windjammers (english just cart) -Top player golf (english just cart)...
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    SS2 for 15.50US in the US

    Hi, I accidently put to much money in my paypal account :) 15.50 to much to be exact... I figure this would be be a great time to get SS2... anyone who is willing to sell it to me for 15.50 shipped in the US just PM thx :)
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    Soccer management games...

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone from a nation that actualy cares about soccer (I live in the US) could give me some advice on weither I should get Total Club Manager 2k3 or wait for CM4... I really like the money management in TCM2K3 so if there isn't much money management in the CM series I...
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    Super Dodgeball

    <a href="" target="_blank"></a> :) (btw is Rom Flash the right term?)
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    Neo Geo 1slot + supernova supergun+mvs games

    I am selling- A Supernova Supergun with 2 joysticks <a href="" target="_blank"></a> <that thing.The joysticks are set up so the top 3 bottens are A B and C and the bottem right is D. It has its power cord and the cords for S-video and AV. The...