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    Naomi Crashing

    Problem I'm netbooting a Naomi using my supergun and I can get games to load fine. The issue is that the game will cut off while playing, no audio or video but I can still hear the fans on the Naomi running. This typically happens when something big happens on screen, for example an explosion or...
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    WTB: Cashbox Enclosure

    Looking for Happ part 42-7108-00 as seen in Mine unfortunately got bent out of shape pretty badly when I was first moving it.
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    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Hello all! I've seen this type of thread on other forums and couldn't find one here. I always like to browse through what other people have recently picked up to give me an idea what I want for myself. Please post only your own pictures, no stock images (where's the fun in that?) . I'm not...