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    Frankly, I cannot take the negativity of this forum. This sale is now closed. To the kind members who contacted me regarding purchases, I will honor our deals no problem. It is sad it has come to this - but life is just too short.I have the following MVS kits for sale. The prices include...
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    FS: SOLD - Brezza's Crystal of Kings

    I have 3 PCBs for sale. The prices include shipping in the continental United States. Payment is by Paypal (non-gift payment). Please do not ask for holds or volume discounts. First come via PM, first serve. Here are the games and some pics. Gallop: Armed Police Unit - $375 USD SOLD R-Type...
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    FS: MVS Kits - Treasure of Caribbean and Bang Bang Busters

    I am offering the following kits for sale. Prices include shipping in the continental USA. No Holds please and prices are firm. Both prices are less than was paid for these kits. Payment is via paypal (does not need to be a gift): Treasure of the Caribbean - $350 USD - Still available Bang...
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    FS: Minty Mini Cute

    THIS CAB IS SOLD. I HAVE HEARD ABOUT THE DRAMA IN THE POSTS BELOW. I AM NOT EVEN GOING TO READ THEM. I have one of the cleanest and nicest Mini Cutes for sale I have ever seen. It is a yellow cute and it has all the original equipment and paint. One area of the side art is scratched but...
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    Massive Sale of Rare MVS Kits

    ALL GAMES HAVE BEEN SOLD AND WILL BE SHIPPED OUT NO LATER THAN WEDNESDAY. I WILL SEND ALL PURCHASERS PROOF OF SHIPMENT. THANKS I have been a long-time collector of MVS kits and I am selling a number of them to fund an arcade investment (ironic)... Many of the kits listed below (with pics) I...
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    FS: Night Slashers, Undercover Cops and Osman

    Hi: I have a few of the more rare boards for sale. The prices include shipping in the continental United States via UPS Ground with tracking. Payment is by PayPay as a gift or simply add 4% to the asking price - your choice. I am hoping to ship all purchased games on Monday. Here's the...
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    Pulstar, Blazing Star, MDII, WW7 MVS Kits and Other Carts

    I have the following kits and carts for sale. Prices include shipping in the continental United States. Please do not request holds - first come, first serve. Payment will be via Paypal gift or buyer adds 4 percent. OK - here are the goods: Pulstar Kit with matching serials - kit in very...
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    Seeking Vewlix Cabinet in the United States

    I am helping a buddy find a Vewlix cabinet (real deals only) for sale in the United States. If anyone is considering parting ways with their Vewlix, can you please send me a PM? Many thanks. :-J
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    Football Frenzy MVS Cart Only with Excellent Label

    As the title says, I am looking for a very, very clean MVS English cart of Football Frenzy with an excellent label. The better condition the cart, the more I am wiling to pay (very motivated to find a nice cart of this game). Thanks! D44
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    WTB: King of Monsters MVS Kit

    I am looking to purchase a mint or near mint KOM kit. Very motiviated. Please send me a PM if you have one to sell. Thanks. :buttrock:
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    WTB: MVS Kit Clear Protective Case

    I have seen the clear protective cases for AES games. Has anyone ever seen a similar product for MVS kits? I am starting to have some serious cash invested in kits and would like to upgrade their protection. Thanks :cool:
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    WTB: Entire MVS Kit Collections

    This message is for any long-time MVS Kit collectors who may be considering selling their entire collection in one lot. Within the past year I have started builiding my collection of MVS kits (which I actually do play and love). I am looking to improve the quality of my kits and the collection...
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    SOLD: NG Dev MVS Kits Now For Sale

    ALL GAMES SOLD Well, I was not able to locate any viable trade offers for my extra NG Dev Kits. So, I am now willing to offer these kits for cash sale (paypal gift or plus 4%). Given the re-issue that NG Dev is currently doing, I think the following prices are fair. The prices include...
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    ALL ITEMS TRADED OR SOLD: NG Dev MVS Kits/ Walnut CMVS Slim for select MVS Kits

    All items in this thread have been traded or sold. Thanks! I have for trade the following items: NOTE: THE NG DEV KITS HAVE BEEN MOVED FOR CASH SALE UNDER A NEW THREAD - IF SOMEONE KNOWS HOW TO CLOSE THIS THREAD, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO DO SO. THANK YOU. NG Dev Fast Striker MVS LE edition Cart...
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    WTB: Football Frenzy, 3 Count Bout and Ragnagard - MVS

    I am looking for the Football Frenzy, 3 Count Bout and Ragnagard MVS carts. I am only looking for carts with minty original labels - but I am willing to pay a nice premium for that. If you have any of these carts (or kits) with mint original labels, please send me a PM and let's do some...
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    WTB: Garou and Zed Blade Kits

    Hey Gang - Looking for English Garou and Zed Blade kits. Please PM me if you are interested in striking a deal. I am very motivated. Thanks!
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    WTB: MVS Kits or Carts

    I am trying to bolster my MVS collection and I am looking for any of the following in either a kit or cart format. My main criteria is that the cart must have a very clean and original label. If you have any you are looking to sell - I'm your man. Just send me a PM. Here is my bucket list...
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    FS: Unopened PS3 Neo Geo Stick 2

    For sale is an unopened PS3 Neo Geo Stick 2. The price is $60 USD via paypal gift (or include 4% more) and includes shipping in the contiguous USA. Please send me a PM if you are interested. Here is a pic: SOLD
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    WTB: KOF 94, 96 and 2000 Kits

    I am looking for the KOF MVS 94', 96' and 2000 kits. Please send me PM if you have one you wish to sell. Thanks!
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    FS: Naomi Mobos and Carts

    I have the following Naomi Mobos and carts for sale: Naomi Mobos - I have 6 in total for sale. They are all very clean. Some may have even been NOS (not sure which ones). All 6 MOBOS SOLD. See below for Zombie Revenge with Mobo if you are still interested in a Mobo. Naomi Carts - I have...