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    FA: Dragon Breed JAMMA PCB

    Hey all, I figure someone here might be interested in this shoot 'em up Dragon Breed JAMMA pcb. It works, but I don't care for the game, plus I'd rather have some cash towards side art for another project...
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    Double Dragon: is this a bootleg pcb?

    Well, I'm getting ready to purchase a dedicated Double Dragon from a guy I've bought from in the past and talked to enough to consider him a friend. Based on that, I don't think he' d be offended if I ask him to take less on the game because I believe the pcb is a bootleg. For those that have...
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    A few new cabs

    Last week I scored a few cabs from a local company that hired an online auction site to sell off excess equipment. First up, a dedicated Lethal Enforcers. It's missing both guns, the holsters, and the player 1 start button. Luckily I have the guns for it and found the holsters for $20 on e-Bay...
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    sweet vehicle for hauling cabs

    Found this pic at the KLOV forums. :lol:
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    Kalamazoo Super Auctions report

    I went to the auction over in Kalamazoo today. It was a good day to be looking for a Neo! I saw a total of 6 dedicated Neo cabs plus 2 other conversions. Of the dedicated there were a 1 slot, 2 slot, 4 slot, and 3 mini 2 slots! The minis were mounted on top of these metal boxes that made them...
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    Sweet freestyle rap :lol: This was posted to notworksafe rescently so I hope it's new to some of ya!
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    Attention ViceMikey and other Michigan members--Super Auctions next Saturday the 25th

    Hi all. I thoght I'd post and see if anyone else it going to the Super Auctions in Kalamazoo, Michigan next Saturday (the 25th). Perhaps some of us could meet up at the auction. ViceMikey, you got a PM, check your inbox! Firebomber and I will be there for sure along with a couple other of our...
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    Pictures from an arcade warehouse raid

    I went on a warehouse raid a few weeks ago here in Michigan. Here's a few of the pics that I took when I was there. All the games there were classic 80's games and most had been sitting there for 20 years or so. The company that owned the games went out of business back in 82. The land the...
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    FS: Big Tournament Golf MVS cart *price lowered*

    Hi all. I have a working BTG MVS cart for sale. I'm asking $60 plus shipping. I'd prefer money order as the payment type for it. PM or reply here.
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    Anyone have a Mappy manual?

    Hi all. I was just wondering if anyone happens to have a manual for the arcade game Mappy. If so, can you tell me where the sound chips are located on the pcb? Thanks.
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    FS: Lethal Enforcers "kit"

    Hi all. After making a purchase at super auctions today, I've decided to let go of this LE kit to ease the financial pain of today's purchase. I have a LE working PCB that comes with 2 original guns that work, however 1 of the guns, has a slight problem. Sometimes it doesn't shoot, but twisting...
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    WTB: Neo Turfmasters MVS cart or kit

    Hi all. Subject says it all. I'm looking for a Neo Turfmasters MVS either just a cart or a kit. No bootlegs please. The Neo Store has them, but I thought I'd see if I can get a better price. I know I'm new to the forums, but I'm good friends with Firebomber and I can get him to post and confirm...
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    4 slot PCB video ram error (pic inside)

    Hi all. I just got a non working Neo Geo PCB for $50. I'm trying to learn how to repair PCB's in general, so I thought I'd start with a Neo. Anyway, I fired it up in my JAMMA cab (with speakers unplugged) and got the following Video Ram error: Any...