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    Crisis Zone Pedal issue

    I know this isn't the best forum to ask this question but I know a lot of you have knowledge on all things videogames so i figured I'd try. I bought a crisis zone SD arcade cabinet. It worked fine until I moved it from the arcade to the house. Now the pedal assembly does not work. I have a...
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    VideoGames NY is like paradise!!

    I just wanted to speak on my experience yesterday at Videogames NY in NYC. They have pretty much everything you can think of including many rare titles, consoles and imports. It was amazing to see some of these items in a store and not in someones personal collection. They are also priced within...
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    EDITOR'S NOTE: Waverider gets into it with the forum, particularly guys like Electric Grave, who cause him to have a complete meltdown, where he accused people of being jealous about his car, which he modded, and he cares more about than gaming. Waverider's paycheck stub, in lieu of penis pic...
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    When Neo-Geo exists no more......

    So I have read some threads recently regarding the fact that these games will eventually stop working just because of the way they were built. Now here's the question. Will any of these games be worth anything then they do not work anymore? Does anybody wonder that after the thousands if not...
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    WTB: Mint to Excellent Condition JP Metal Slug 2 AES!!!

    Looking To Buy an Excellent Condition Genuine/Authentic JP AES Metal Slug 2 And If Anyone Is Selling One Send Me A PM. -NO Conversion Carts And NO Markings Of Any Kind Such As The Controversial NGF Markings Or Gamedude Void Stickers. -I Want Clean Carts, Original Manuals, Original Inserts...
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    Complete Naomi w/GD-rom system from a working Confidential Mission.

    Hey everyone. I have a complete NAOMI w/ GD-Rom setup straight out of a Working Confidential Mission DX Arcade Cabinet. The video projector went on it so I decided to pull this system out and scrap the cabinet. It was literally disconnected from the cabinet and pulled out. Nothing was removed...
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    37 AES Games for Sale

    Received My SSVS today. Another Great Transaction. Buy This Man's Stuff!!!!! He has Kids to put through school.
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    Is This An Authentic Metal Slug Jp AES or a Boot?

    Alright guys I have successfully located a copy of my dream game. Is This An Authentic Metal Slug Jp AES or a Boot? I would like you as a community to let me know what you think before I spend a large amount of money. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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    A Count On U.S. Metal Slugs

    Hey everyone. I have searched the forums and found a thread or two on this topic but in typical fashion it turns into an argument and gets thrown off topic. The question I have is how many Metal Slug 3, 4 and 5 were produced for the U.S. Market. I know we will never know about 1 2 or X because...
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    Troubleshooting on My Naomi Crazy Taxi.

    Hey guys Idk if I should post this here or not but I figured I'd ask. I was able to acquire a crazy taxi recently and I'm having an issue. When I turn the power on you hear the speakers pop and the cabinet lights up as well as the coin mech but nothing else happens. No picture no sound. Any idea...
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    MSX Boot Or No Boot?

    Just wondering what everyone thinks?
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    Neo Member Price Check In Aisle Five

    Hey Guys. I just wanted to ask what the pricing on a JP Metal Slug 1 is going for these days. I know the game is hard to find but i feel like I can't make a good offer because I just don't know. I am very passionate about getting my hands on one but I'm not going to pay the ridiculous Collector...
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    All secured for now. Thanks
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    Anyone Else Get there Beloved Neo Carts Held Up In Customs?

    All is well. Arrived and in excellent condition. They didn't even open it up.
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    WTB: Metal Slug Games

    Delete Thread Please. Games were Secured. Thanks to the three sellers who made it happen.