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  1. Dion

    Capcom CPS1/2/3 kick harness condenser

    Several people asked for these so here they are. ​I will only be selling this as a DIY kit. Price is $50 shipped in the USA. Actual shipping added worldwide. The kit is easy to assemble it is just busy work I do not have time for now. There are some surface mount diodes and I WILL go ahead...
  2. Dion

    Lindbergh PCB sets and games

    I have several pcb sets to sell. They are all yellow version Lindberghs with our DarkDawg multikit installed. Price is $550 I also can provide you with SEVERAL options for games you can buy with these pcbs or to repair or upgrade your current lindbergh setup. If you simply want to...
  3. Dion

    Mistu's... CPS2 Multikit Tech Support page... Drama fr33 pls..

    PLEASE USE THE OLD THREAD FOR DRAMA SHIT. Ok. It was necessary to set up this thread for any potential tech support needed for the CPS2 Multikit that is now shipping. I am just one man but I will help the best I can to start and I'm sure some other owners will be able to help troubleshoot...
  4. Dion

    Limited: Taito Type X2 multigame kits on HDD

    We recently made a deal to trade some arcade stuffs and part of that deal had us receive a small batch of these for a good price so I'm passing the savings on to you guys here. It is the same multigame kit available elsewhere on the web on SSD but I am offering it up in HDD form for much...
  5. Dion

    FS: Two Original Battery SF3:NG CPS3 Security Carts

    I just changed these batteries myself ($40 value). One is Japan region in a US case and the other is all original USA region. $75 each or trade for dead carts. I also have several Jojo and Jojo2 carts with recently replaced batteries if anyone is interested.
  6. Dion

    WTB: Broken Rev3 Triforce or Rev3 Triforce Media board

    Just really need a working Rev 3 Triforce media board that uses the SIMMs instead of the nand carts. If you have a Mario Kart version it uses nand carts and I can't use it. Thanks in advance! Jeremy
  7. Dion

    FS: Naomi Dreamcast controller adapters

    A LOT of people asked for these after seeing my prototypes so here is the production result: There are two options: Do It Yourself Kit: $15 plus shipping ($21 shipped in USA) ---This includes just the pcb and the two connectors. You get the DC controller ports yourself from an old broken...
  8. Dion

    Naomi Typing of the Dead US version?

    Anyone know where to find a cart or have one for sale? Really want to play it using my little adapter pcb for Dreamcast keyboards.
  9. Dion

    Finally FS: Mitsu's Sega JVS I/O Helper PCB

    I finally got everything in order to build and sell my JVS Helper PCBs. Price is $75 shipped anywhere. I will include a 26-pin ribbon cable for analog controls and a 40 or 60 pin interconnect cable of your choice depending on which I/O you will be using. I will also include one DB25 solder...
  10. Dion

    Walsdawg Arcade---FS: Mortal Kombat Kick Condensers, Naomi CF Kits

    So here's the deal: After talking with Brandon about possibly buying some of his discontinued items before they were completely gone, we came to a deal where I will begin to offer some of his pcb designs for sale to you guys in addition to my designs and services that I also offer. Also...
  11. Dion

    Interest check: Mitsurugi-w's Sega JVS I/O Helper PCB

    Hey guys. I just want to see if anyone is interested in buying one of these if I have them produced. I designed this to solve a problem I was having. As everyone knows the days of dedicated pcbs for games is gone and game devs are using pc based hardware systems to release games on. They...
  12. Dion

    ST-V Multi Game Cartridge

    Nice! I had actually edited the original game list that Darksoft included on the MicroSD card so that it fit on one page if opened with notepad (which everyone has already). The included list also had the incorrect jumper settings. I sent a printed copy to everyone I mailed a cart to...
  13. Dion

    Interest Check: CPS2 Communication pcbs for Tournament Battle

    So some of you may have heard us mention that we were thinking of making some CPS2 communication pcbs for use with SSF2: TB so that anyone could put on their own tournaments and parties. It would be a new design but would still plug into the B-board inside the case. Then if you had four SSF2...
  14. Dion

    Anyone want to swap a dead CPS3 cart for this working JOJO?

    A customer sent a cart he assumed was dead for a SuperBIOS swap. He bought it as dead and assumed it was but after I cleaned the cart contacts it booted right up. I won't kill a live cart so does anyone want to do a straight swap for this cart?
  15. Dion

    My AES Want list(USA/English titles)

    Looking for USA/English versions of these AES titles in any condition, complete, loose, beat up etc. Preferably cheaper gamer's condition copies. I don't really care about cases or manuals if that makes any difference. Real Bout Fatal Fury Real Bout Fatal Fury Special Real Bout Fatal Fury 2...
  16. Dion

    I'll be in New Orleans this weekend. Anyone around?

    So a friend and I are driving from here in Eastern North Carolina all the way down to New Orleans to partake in the pinnacle of sports entertainment and various other things this coming weekend (4/4 - 4/7/14). Wanted to see if anyone else was going or lives around there. I'd like to meet some...
  17. Dion

    Something you don't see every day (CPS2)

  18. Dion

    Formally introducing: DarkDawg Collaborations

    So everyone knows that I began working with Darksoft on his SuperBIOS project. We started doing a few other products also many of which are in various stages of completion. So we decided to give our partnership a name. We are calling it DarkDawg Collaborations This name is derived from the...
  19. Dion

    Mugicha AKA Dr. Masturba Perros Jr. may be on a domestic terror watchlist now

    So Joe came over on this past Wednesday. It was the first time I had seen him in over a year. We actually didn't get to play many games but we did accomplish some things that we intended to. Here is what happened: We phoenixed his Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha PCB Installed clean roms on his...
  20. Dion

    FS/T: Jojo2/Jojo's Bizarre Adventure working CPS3 security cart

    I have for sale/trade a working, battery-powered Jojo's Bizarre Adventure CPS3 security cart. This is the second Jojo game. I changed the battery today (1/1/14). This is a service I charge $40 to do usually. This is a Japan NoCD cart. If you have a PCB with the proper SIMMs, a CD drive and...