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  1. Igniz v2

    Sega Model 3 emulator out This finally came out a little while ago for those who didn't know, finally providing a hardware-accelerated emulation of games like VF3, Scud Race, Daytona 2, Sega rally 2 etc. It's very preliminary, Scud Race is the only game I've tried that has...
  2. Igniz v2

    into DJ'ing?

    I know i've seen a few posts where people mentioned they DJ, or used to, etc so if you have any old mixes recorded and lying around, post them up.. here's one I did the other week goes between different styles a lot but it's all just dance music...
  3. Igniz v2

    anyone gonna go to coachella this year?

    time and again, they get all the acts that otherwise just don't seem to play.. Pavement, Gorillaz, Faith No More, Orbital, Thom Yorke, Sly and the Family Stone.. nicely done
  4. Igniz v2

    post your desktop

    new thread for 2010
  5. Igniz v2

    5 10 15 20

    gonna start a thread on here basically ripped off from a feature that runs every now and then called ... well, 5 10 15 20. basically the point of it is that for each age interval you have in 5's you say a short little bit about a bit of the music that was really a big deal...
  6. Igniz v2

    what are some good non-typical anime series?

    i used to really be super into anime, but haven't really paid any attention since maybe 2005 or 2006. Last thing i tried to get into was Gundam 00 and before that Death Note.. i have no idea how gundam is so lame now, and death note was just kind of mediocre. one series that did really strike a...
  7. Igniz v2

    "I went to this electronica show and it was fucking sweet"

    inspired by joseph/populous/poppy/P/whatever he changes his name to next month's post in the Girl Talk thread.. I recently went to HARD Haunted Mansion 2009 in LA.. it was awesome In total I saw.. Justice, The Bloody Beetroots, Modeselektor, 2manyDJ's, Major Lazer, Danger, Crookers, Shinichi...
  8. Igniz v2

    who's excited that pavement are reuniting?

    for real this time - check pitchfork or rolling stone or google, they've got at least one show confirmed for next year and there'll apparently be a world tour. no new album or anything but there'll at least be the first chances since 1999 to see them.
  9. Igniz v2

    anyone else gonna go see the pixies this fall?

    they're doing an american tour for Doolittle's 20th anniversary, playing all the songs off it and more. sounds like a good time to me. dates: 11-04 Los Angeles, CA - The Palladium 11-08 Oakland, CA - Fox Theater 11-09 Oakland, CA - Fox Theater 11-12 Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre 11-13...
  10. Igniz v2

    Basic Japanese translation needed

    In my Japanese class right now we have a project in which we have to write a folk tale , I've finished it in English but changing everything to Japanese is proving difficult. Any Japanese members here able to translate ~1.5 pages? PM me or leave a message here if so
  11. Igniz v2

    summer music festivals

    general music festival discussion any of you guys going to bonnaroo, lollapalooza, APW, etc? or for the japanese guys here, summer sonic/fuji rock (headliners blow but undercards are phenomenal - aphex twin at summer sonic!) i was at coachella back in april and it was a blast, will for sure...
  12. Igniz v2

    new basement jaxx

    i'm digging the first single released so far, "Raindrops" it's likely that a million remixes will hit the net within the week.. i was never a huge fan of them, but i recognize that they do have some great tracks, eg "romeo", etc. this seems like sort of a new angle they're taking, hopefully...
  13. Igniz v2

    buy my 360 for cheap so i can go to coachella!

    well, the time has come to accept that the numbers simply aren't adding up in the financial forecast for my planned trip to coachella, so i'm letting go of my 360 for the time being. it's a normal 20GB unit that was manufactured sometime around the time GTAIV came out i imagine, because i got a...
  14. Igniz v2

    q-tip - the renaissance

    anyone else playing this one? really pleased to find a worthwhile modern day rap release, even if it is from a pioneer of not-so-modern rap. production is familiar but at the same time quite original and refreshing amidst the sea of cheap synth rap instrumentals. downloaded it just now, but for...
  15. Igniz v2

    itunes clusterfuck

    OK, itunes has given me reason enough to hate it already, but it's gone a step further today. basically, i downloaded some music from the itunes store via the iphone's application for it and, after i plugged it into my computer, i can't listen to them because all the tracks have been muted i...
  16. Igniz v2

    any japanese savvy people want to translate my shirt for me? (hanafuda, tsuka..?)

    picked up this shirt today cause i thought it looked pretty nifty, however i can only read kana and have the limited vocabulary of whatever a year of beginner level japanese has taught me. it's actually a locally produced thing, so i'm a lil nervous that it might just be gibberish, despite the...
  17. Igniz v2

    anyone else jailbroken their iphone 2.0 software yet?

    looks like a hack was released yesterday for it, there's a nice GUI for it released for mac, but windows you have to manually load the .ipsw file. no network unlock yet however. anyways, i've now jailbroken my iphone 3G. as of yet though it's a lil underwhelming, given that the only things...
  18. Igniz v2

    Ratatat LP3 leaked

    just starting to listen through now. similar to their previous material which is good, from what i'm hearing it's adding some more adventurous sounds, some glitch, talkbox sounds already from what i'm hearing. appears to be instrumental as usual. anyways, if anyone else has been waiting for...
  19. Igniz v2

    Glow in the Dark

    Figured I'd start a thread for the upcoming Kanye West tour. I'm planning on being at the Vancouver show on June 2, anyone else here going to a nearby performance? It's looking to be a spectacle, he has Daft Punk's lighting designers working with him, among other big names contributing to the...
  20. Igniz v2

    Justice North America 2008

    i'm guessing most fans have already heard of this/have tickets, but 03-03 Austin, TX - Stubb's Bar-B-Q *# 03-04 Dallas, TX - Palladium Ballroom *# 03-06 Orlando, FL - The Club at Firestone *# 03-09 Baltimore, MD - Sonar *# 03-10 Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory *# 03-11 New York, NY -...