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  1. Mercuttio

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Not necessarily a "new" pickup, but I finally jammed some Seimitsu buttons into the bean controllers I've had kicking around for a while. Ended up being more case cutting than I had initially hoped. Annoying to cut through the PCBs internally, but the result has been worth it, and those...
  2. Mercuttio

    If Sapphire wasn't so stupid-expensive, where would it fall on the scale of PCE Shmups?

    I've really enjoyed Sapphire, but it seems to be one of the most divisive shooting games on the PCE. Shallow, perhaps, but a fascinating window into what the Arcade Card could have been. Is it possible to remove price / bootleg-weirdness issues from the discussion and see it for what it...
  3. Mercuttio

    Donation: A Broken SCART Switcher from the UK

    Hey all, A buddy of mine in Scotland sent me a Silverscreen Trilogy recently, but the damned thing just won't work properly. I've tried a stepping transformer for the power, but still had no luck. I'm happy to donate this unit to someone who can make it work, and possibly use it to create a...
  4. Mercuttio

    Waku Waku 7 Saturn

    Given the price and rarity of the WW7 MVS cartridge, is the Saturn version REALLY that bad for around $30, including the RAM cart? I've read about the loads and slowdown, but does it hamper gameplay to a degree where I'll hate it?
  5. Mercuttio

    Why is the PS4 UI / OS / Whatever so god damned terrible?

    I haven't logged into my PS4 in a while, but I knew there was an update to the OS and figured that they'd do something to add a little bit of usability. It's exactly the same. I still can't pin stuff. It's still a long list of recently used things. I still have to scroll to the far right to see...
  6. Mercuttio

    WTB: Selecty 21 by Micomsoft

    Hello! Do you find yourself with too many Selecty 21 units? Would you like to have fewer? Would you like ME to have one, possibly for money and or trades? If so, contact me!
  7. Mercuttio

    WTB: Last Blade 2 MVS

    Hello! I really need to find a copy of Last Blade 2 for my MVS. Let me know if you've got one!
  8. Mercuttio

    For a CMVS: would you rather use Neo Geo or SNES controllers?

    The Neo Geo sticks also have absolute garbage for buttons. The sticks are some sort of short-shafted Seimitsu, but the buttons just suck. I suggest the smaller screw-in Seimitsu ones. Or screw in Sanwas. They fit perfectly. I did up a pair and sold them to 8 Man before I finished my Astro panel...
  9. Mercuttio

    For a CMVS: would you rather use Neo Geo or SNES controllers?

    Go for arcade authentic. Japanese or American style parts, your preference. Play it as it was intended to play in an arcade.
  10. Mercuttio

    Samurai Shodown II (Shin Samurai Spirits) MVS

    Got a huge batch of games from Japan recently, and didn't notice until it hit my desk that this is actually SHIN Samurai Spirits (Samurai Shodown II), and not the first game. I've already got it, so up for sale it goes! This is the Japanese MVS version, and appears to have been repaired at...
  11. Mercuttio

    Metal Slug 2 vs Metal Slug X

    I recently picked up Metal Slug 2 on the cheap with a bunch of other Japanese MVS carts on YAJ. While I'd been holding out for a copy of X or 3 on the cheap, the deal was too good to pass up. I've been told up and down that X is the superior game due to the lack of slowdown, but I've recently...
  12. Mercuttio

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    My first set of Yahoo Auctions Japan carts have arrived. Metal Slug 2, Winning Stakes 2, Real Bout 2 The Newcomers, World Heroes 2 Jet, and King of the Monsters. Very excited about these. They even came with re-printed art sheets and manuals, in good quality. Now I just need way more Shock...
  13. Mercuttio

    WANT TO BUY: Metal Slug 1, X, 3 MVS

    WANT TO BUY: Metal Slug 1, X, 3 MVS Looking to pick up any of these three Metal Slugs. Reasonable condition, no boots. I don't care about serials or kits; just want to play the game. Let me know!
  14. Mercuttio

    WANT TO BUY: Metal Slug 1, X, 3

    Looking to pick up any of these three Metal Slugs. Reasonable condition, no boots. I don't care about serials or kits; just want to play the game. Let me know!
  15. Mercuttio

    FS: MVS Multicart, 100 in 1

    Here's a 100 in 1 Multicart for $55, shipped. The labels (which were only taped on) aren't there, but it's pretty self explanatory. Hold Start for 5 seconds, and you're right back to the selection menu. Works perfectly! AND NOW FOR THE PICTURES
  16. Mercuttio

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    I promised better photos of my V Saturn earlier, so here it is in my setup! I ended up not really needing the XRGB; this TV handles things way better than expected.
  17. Mercuttio


    Hey folks! I ended up not needing the xRGB in my arcade setup; apparently Toshiba really gave a shit about upscalers when they made the monitor I'm using. The xRGB mini ended up not getting along with my monitors (which switch source when the mini swaps signal type), so I've really got no use...
  18. Mercuttio

    Madcatz Fightstick Pro TE - DB15 Neo Geo mod wth pictures

    I did a very similar set of mods to a HSS-0130 gutted and wired to MC-Cthulhus. I was surprised how easy it was to get sticks set up with Neo Geo stuff.
  19. Mercuttio

    xRGB losing signal at certain menus, then re-connecting

    So here's an oddity about the XRGB right now though, with my Saturn. While I'm waiting for my RGB connector to come, I'm using S-Video. In some games (only Sonic Jam and Dracula X SOTN so far) it will lose output sync to the monitor when going to a menu screen. It seems to happen with both...
  20. Mercuttio

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    So these things have happened. The first thing is a BIOS and CD modded Victor Saturn with a blue LED. Got it from a really nice guy in Florida who does these sorts of things. It plays burns and is entirely region free, which is just fantastic. He also added composite audio outs and S-Video, but...