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  1. yzrider926

    Who loves pinball? (moved)

    Got MMR RE back in April or so. Going to sell a few pins in the next few months as we’re getting a pool.
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    Anyone Here Into Gundam Figures?

    So I started watching Gundam again recently and my soon to be 7 year old was asking if they made toys of the mobile suits. I know that they make models and such, but I was wondering if there was a toy line more like the cheaper Transformers. He has a few of those as well. I don't really want to...
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    FS: Astro City

    A buddy of mine in Richmond, VA is selling his Astro City cab. As far as I know the cab is in decent shape. It was bought from Ken a few years back. I originally bought it then sold it to my buddy. If your interested just PM or respond to this thread and I'll forward your info to him. If you...
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    Sold. Thanks, Dennis
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    ST Pheonixed US Board Throwing Exceptions Randomly

    Got a Phoenixed ST board, and recently it has been throwing exceptions randomly during play. Its a US board but it does it in both US and the Japan region. I've had this board for a few years and until recently I haven't seen it do this before. As a side note I have not had the board plug...
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    WTB: Ghosts 'N Goblins Sideart

    I know its probably a long shot, but if anyone has a set of NOS GnG sideart and your looking to sell let me know. Thanks, Dennis
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    FS: ESPGaluda II Kit, Guwange

    Picking up a new toy so got to sell some stuff to get the funds. Guwange Looking to get $500 plus actual shipping. Bought this recently from Samurai ShowdownSensei along with the ESPGaluda 2 Kit. Guwange Pics ESPGaluda 2 Kit Looking to get $650 plus actual shipping. ESPGaluda 2 Pics I am...
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    WTB: DEAD Japanese 3rd Strike Cart

    Looking for a dead Japanese 3rd Strike Cart, if anyone has one and is willing to sell it let me know. Thanks, Dennis
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    Price Check SF3 3rd Strike

    Wondering what the going rate for a US or Japanese 3rd Strike is? I have a mother board with a dead cart and got a price for a Asian/English cart, but was figuring for the price I might just spend a few more bucks and try and get the better version of the game. For those that have the Asian...
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    Ikaruga On The GameCube, How Is It?

    Thinking about picking this up for the GC since I won't be getting the Naomi version anytime soon. Anyone play this and is it worth getting. They seem to go cheap for a used version, and about $70 new on Amazon. I'll probably go the used route though. Or will Japanese version for the Dreamcast...
  12. yzrider926

    Whats the Best 1-Slot Board

    Was wondering what the best model for 1-slot boards is? I am looking for one with a socketed BIOS and such. I think I am going to sell my 4-slot and just grab one of these to put in a candy, hence why I want a 1-slot to keep it JAMMA. Dennis
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    Hooking PS3,Xbox 360 To New Astro

    Anyone ever do this or know what is needed as far as parts and such? I am interested in doing this and haven't found any good tutorials on how to do it. I figure I would get a couple Chutlu boards for the PS3 controls, plus I'll get the PS2 controls as well. I just don't know what is needed to...
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    Is VF:Final Tuned Worth Owning A Naomi 2 For?

    Picked up a Noami 2 mother board when I purchased a GD-ROM and the only game I am remotely interested in is VF:Final Tuned. Figured I would get that one simply because its the latest release and such. Well I also had a guy offer me a working Naomi mobo, sound amp, and Sega I/O with a Guilty Gear...
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    CPS3 Battery Replacement, Black Wire?

    I have decided I would like to buy a Third Strike sooner rather then later, and know the first thing that I am going to have to do is replace the battery, unless of course I can verify that it was done prior to sale. I have been reading up on the procedure to change the battery, and noticed...
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    Price Check: MVS Carts KOF, MS, and SSV - SSVS

    Sorry I am sure this gets asked often, but was wondering what a few games I would like to get eventually are selling for. The games I am looking for would be MVS games, Japanese or English labeled, and I don't really care about kits, or the cart being mint, just as long as it works (Preferably...
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    Metal Slug 4 Copywrite Screen

    Hello sorry if this has been asked before. I have a MS4 cart that I bought off of Yaton from Ebay a couple of years ago, and sometimes the graphics were garbled on boot up, but the once the game was being played it was fine. This was on my old 6-slot, which is long gone now, but I tried...
  18. yzrider926

    4 Slot Speakers

    I finally started getting my 4 slot put back together, and when I hooked up the board the speakers were very distorted. The cab is the MVS-4-25 (Version 2). I am thinking of just replacing the speakers as its only really loud noises that distort very badly. I was wondering if anyone knew which...
  19. yzrider926

    Swapping Power Supplys

    Hello all, This is my first post although I come here often to get help with issues. I have a 4-slot MVS and need a new power supply. I was wondering if I could buy something from Happs that would work or do I need to find 1 out of a working MVS machine? Thanks, Dennis