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  1. FinalbossNYC

    Neo Cab - Arcing sound came from behind Monitor

    The Arc is occurring in-between the flyback and the metal where i have the pencil held in the photo its a very tight spot and i cant see anything other than the arc. The back of my cab is a tight area until i get the mid panel removed which seems to have the original wood Staples/ Nails in it...
  2. FinalbossNYC

    Neo Cab - Arcing sound came from behind Monitor

    Today I was play testing some games I got in a "lot" recently when the game screen cut off to black with some lines off to the side I believe when suddenly I heard what sounded like Electrical Arcing. I quick opened the coin door and shut off the Cab (A Neo 4slot cab running a 6slot board)...
  3. FinalbossNYC

    Portland Area Peeps?

    Having moved even further away from NYC I'm looking some folks to chat with or even meet up with locally, I'm in the NW section not far from the Pearl district and have been here for 1 year. (Also I need to beg ROT for a name change any clue on how I go about that ?):help:
  4. FinalbossNYC

    The Comic Book Thread

    Freddie Williams Art is amazing , I dont love the crossover its not for me but the art is great and ive gotten to see the origianl pages in person at IDW and its even better with out color. BTW he has started selling off all the pages. I cant wait for the Batman animated series x TMNT animated...
  5. FinalbossNYC

    What are you listening to at the moment?

    Legendary NYC SKA group pilfers dropped a album last year and I'm still soaking it in
  6. FinalbossNYC

    WTT Trade Pandoras Box3 HD for non HD

    ITEM IS NO LONGER AVALIBLE I just got this ps3 style PB3 in the mail and its the HD version for CRT and LCD it won't run on my MVS Cab so if any one wants to trade for a Non HD of any Pandoras 3 or 4 PM me. US preferably so we both don't pay too much shipping. Thanks.
  7. FinalbossNYC

    Jim Varney died?

    Amazon primed one day delivery thanks to MjMJr25 ;)
  8. FinalbossNYC

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    LOL And the rivalry continues... Edit- Almost forgot I posted a few months back that I bought a Repro CP and shared the link, well I finally installed it the other day. Fits legit on my cab, really happy with it.
  9. FinalbossNYC

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Not so recent Purchases, Stuff I've picked up since middle of summer till now. The BomberMan is a Boot I bought on purpose and dropped one of Mai_Lover's gorgeous labels on, can't afford a legit right now and its one of my Favorite Neo geo titles as well as one of my favorite Bomber Man...
  10. FinalbossNYC

    Happy Halloween! Post your pumpkins!

    My son is currently all about Nightmare before Xmas
  11. FinalbossNYC

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    South Town delivery - some of the covers weren't that great looking I guess it was the inserts I chose not the print, wish the images on site were bigger so I don't end up with pixilated blurry covers
  12. FinalbossNYC

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got these in mail about a week or 2 ago great prices for Ninja Masters $60 and League Bowling $40 the Super Spy was standard eBay $80s free shipping Always loved SS and Bowling but Ninja Masters is one of the few NG titles I've never spent time with before now.
  13. FinalbossNYC

    Neo BomberMan cart "RePaired" ?

    only other Photo he offered
  14. FinalbossNYC

    Neo BomberMan cart "RePaired" ?

    dude said this is a "repaired" Neo Bomberman cart I checked the board Scans at and besides the Eproms theres not supposed to be a chip in C5. Is this just a Boot on a SNK board set?
  15. FinalbossNYC

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    Got these guys in the mail today, so excited !!! Prices were fair. Anyone know if the MVS carts of these 2 had different versions like I've heard the AES did? Something about a Nam where you can continue at Final Boss fight? And a Magician Lord in which you respawn at death location as opposed...
  16. FinalbossNYC

    What arcade stick do you own?

    Heres my sweet Tournament Edition stick and some of the fighting games I Like to use it on, don't get me wrong its pretty killer on shmups also.
  17. FinalbossNYC

    Post Your Recent Purchases!

    This all day
  18. FinalbossNYC

    Crossed Swords 2 AES/MVS and Rom Thread.

    Thanks Raz and Jeff and to anyone that made this arrive in my hands today !! seriously this is awesome and I'm really thankful people like you guys care enough to work hard to make something like this these days. Thanks man I appreciate the hard work. Also shipped beautifully !