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    Problem with router

    I recently purchased a router to have cable tv, unlimited internet and all that stuff, anyway im a fan of anime and this damn router wont let me get some fansubs via bittorent and also gives me a low Id on emle too. anyway does anybody know how to solve this problem? (my router is a sagem 3202...
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    Good ways to improve your shmup game?

    Apart from long hours of practice are there any other good ways to master shmups?
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    Bombs in Egypt

    Check the news channel
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    How do you burn a PCE CD Iso?

    Ive been trying to get Dracula X to work on Magic Engine for days now, If someone could help me id be REALLY greatful.
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    Where can i get some anime fansubs?

    I honestly cant find shit via google, someone please help me out :help:
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    IP ban needed
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    Need help buying my first electric guitar

    I was thinking of purchising my first electric guitar and I was leaning towards an Ibanez GSA 60 since its pretty cheap and it has that metalish look about it. Now i know lots of people here no their stuff on this subject and I was just...
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    Kawaks Fight Now!

    Samurai shodown 4 anyone?
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    You like Sega? Sega Dreams needs you

    Were looking for more members to spice things up a bit :smirk: If your a Sega fanboy/girl dont miss out on this great opportunity to join an awsome forum :buttrock:
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    Could someone photoshop a pic for me?

    Please :(
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    Please help me with Python (bit torrent thing)

    I really, really want to watch at least one episode of bleach but Python wont work. I downloaded it, it came up with the Ms-DOs thing. i typed /configure and it wont work Someone please help me :crying:
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    Sticky an RGB mod tutorial in Tech support

    So many people are asking "How can i Rgb this, RGB that, RGB blah blah blah..." It would make everyones life easier
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    Why the hell do Rappers never die when they get shot?

    50 cent got shot 9 times for fucks sake If your gonna shoot someone, do it right :mad: Tupac and B.I.G. are exceptions.
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    Vampire collection site opens!!! this shit needs some live treatment right away Doc'
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    Europe: Where can i buy a candy cab?

    I should be getting some nice cash in a few months and id love to blow a load on a nice candy cab Where can i buy one? and also places to buy sticks, power supplies...etc
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    The Xbox forums AKA retards only

    Some ignorant fuck was like "I cant wait for Guilty Gear vs Darkstalkers, that $h^t is going to R-O-C-K " :oh_no:
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    Anyone know if spikeout will get a pal release?

    anyone know?
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    Teh Legend strikes again

    Now this shit is REALLY fucked up The game isnt even mint :oh_no:
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    What happend to Capcom all stars?

    was it cancelled?
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    Anyone got this famicom book?

    here is the link i just want to check if its good before i pay 40$