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  1. xsq

    John Hillerman dead

    Farewell Higgins, farewell.
  2. xsq

    Freeplay Zero / Freeplay CM3

    Check out what Flavor and his friends have been up to. Under the codename "Game Pie Advance" they have, for some time, been working on putting a Raspberry Pi Zero W in a GBA shell to create a portable emulation beast. Custom PCB design, two added buttons (and much more) already make this a...
  3. xsq

    "Collection Gallery" to be ineffective for the count?

    Seems that part of the forums is used a lot to boost postcounts (just to leech in the market). All this "nice collection bro!"/"look at all the plastic I own"... who needs it?
  4. xsq

    Happy Birthday Ren-chan

    Have a good one buddy!
  5. xsq

    WTB: Delta Warp, Ganbare Neo Poke-kun, ...

    I know it's a rather long shot... These are a few carts I'd like for my NGPC and still haven't found for an acceptable price. Loose preferred... - Delta Warp - Ganbare Neo Poke-kun If you can hook me up with any other NGPC stuff I don't have, let me know, I might bite (Eternal Dungeons...
  6. xsq

    [PC] HALP - boot HDD not recognized anymore

    So, I'm having trouble with my Desktop PC. Any help appreciated. It appears my BIOS does not detect my boot HDD at all... When I power the system on, I can hear it spin up, feel it vibrate when I touch it - it makes two short clicks, then shuts down. I noticed that when the drive is...
  7. xsq

    GameGear Tails Adventure faulty cart

    Does anyone have experience troubleshooting Game Gear carts? I received a beat up Tails Adventure a couple of days ago, but it won't play. I treated the contacts with a good contact cleaner and checked the connections between the chip and the cart edge with a multimeter. Could the chip be...
  8. xsq

    EU: Bandridge 5 Way Manual SCART Switch on ebay

    some guy from Gouda [South Holland/Netherlands] is selling them atm. Be aware the price is kinda high, these used to go for around 16€ on amazon in 2014 and he had them listed for 30€ before. Still a good opportunity to get one since they have been out of production for a few years now.
  9. xsq

    Pope Sazae - ongoing deal with no response

    Damn, I didn't have time last week to check what was going on in here... I thought Pope was cool, so when I bought some NGPC carts from him knowing of his situation I overpayed a little... also send him a few bucks when he posted he was looking to get some Wii U games for his wife... now this...
  10. xsq

    "Premium" SCART Kabel für günstig

    Hi, kein Plan, ob hier gerade jemand gute SCART Kabeln gebrauchen kann (letztens hatten wir das Thema zumindest ganz kurz drüben in Grendells Thread), aber bei diesem ebay Anbieter gibt es die "Advanced" Serie von Clicktronic weit unter Marktpreis. Da ich mir einen Bandridge Switch bestellt...
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    please make it staaaap!
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    The Delicious Big Hunk of Shit Console & Greasy Food Thread

    If you love "classic games" (- that term is almost as dumb as "retrogaming" - either you want to play good games and go where you suspect/find those, get on nostalgic trips and "replay" better days, or you are a hipster doofus following a trend that just "collects" and doesn't give a shit about...
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    SNK-branded mystery graphics card

  14. xsq

    Reproduction Mini Marquees updated 11-15-13 3PM PST

    Sorry, something cropped up. But how about this:
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    WTB: Last Blade 2 MVS - english label, serials intact - loose cart [got stuff to trade]

    Had this in my signature for a short while... thought I might give it a try here. The condition of the label is not really important to me, as long as title and serials can be read. Must be an original USA Label though (no reprints/replacements please). I'm not looking for a kit. Shoot me a...
  16. xsq

    MV1FT/MV1FS no stereo

    Hi, I have two 1slots that I can't get to put out stereo sound. They're pretty similar, one MV1FS and one MV1FT. Any ideas on what to try would be much appreciated - I've used the search function here and have googled quite a bit without luck... maybe I'm too stupid to use the search though. I...