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  1. daybona

    Metal Slug X Mission 1

    Is there a way to consistently score one million points on level one? If so, how? In my experience, it's largely based on the luck of the draw in terms of items that you get. I saw a video of someone doing it on YouTube, but can't seem to find it anymore.
  2. daybona

    Level select

    Is there a way to select levels in games other than using a memory card? I'd like be able to practice later stages of the Metal Slug series without having to play thru the earlier stages. I've got a two slot cmvs with unibios 3.2. Would it be possible through that perhaps? Thanks!
  3. daybona

    Keith Apicary is rolling in his grave.

    I'm at Funspot, so naturally I checked out his cab. It's a four slot loaded with metal slug, top players golf and super spy. That's it :( I'm seriously considering sending them some good games.
  4. daybona

    Keith Apicary is rolling in his grave.

    I'm a Funspot, so naturally I checked out his cab. It's a four slot loaded with metal slug, top players golf and super spy. That's it :( I'm seriously considering sending them some good games.
  5. daybona

    Double Threat

  6. daybona

    NGH old style stick: Replacement vs Original

    I think we all can agree that swapping the original buttons from a NGH stick with Sanwas or Seimitsus is a massive improvement. What's not so clear however, is whether or not a Sanwa or Seimitsu stick is really a huge improvement over the stock stick. I recently put a Sanwa ball top on my old...
  7. daybona

    MVS Board Age

    How do you determine when a Neo Geo MVS board was manufactured? Thanks!
  8. daybona

    360 DTS? peeeeeeeeeeee!

    My HD DVDs used to output in dts, now i don't see an option for it anymore. Is there any reason its no longer there or am I just missing something?
  9. daybona

    bose lifestyles 30 speakers

    Can you connect these speakers (they use rca connectors) to a regular receiver? If so, how? Yes i know Bose speakers ain't the best but the speakers are already wall mounted so it would be easier this way. Thanks!
  10. daybona

    Best Game Trailer

    Post a better one than this. I dare you. Acting at its finest I tell you!
  11. daybona

    Wii VC button assign

    Is there a way to assign buttons on the NEO GEO VC games? It seems like the games are straight ports of the AES versions and KOF 94 doesn't have a button assign. The layout is two up and two down which isn't terrible but I prefer the classic four across control scheme if possible. Heres to...
  12. daybona

    ms3 coming to xbla this wednesday!

    I can't believe this hasn't been posted here yet! We all knew it was coming but till now I didn't know when. Expect flaming mop to be sittin on top dem leader boards bitches!
  13. daybona

    Dracula X Chronicles SOTN ring of varda drop rate

    Anyone try to get this item from the paranthorpus (sp) in the coloseum? I tried for about an hour with the luck code, lapis lazuli and and ring of arcana and got nothing. Seems now all this enemy drops is gauntlets (which it did before) and turquois (which I don't remember it dropping)...
  14. daybona

    Halo 3 Question

    In halo one, I remember being able to switch difficulties mid game. Is this still possible with halo 3?
  15. daybona

    360 audio question

    Is it possible to connect the 360 via hdmi and still get 5.1 from the hd cable that comes with the system? Like many people, I have an hdmi tv but not an hdmi equipped receiver, so I want to connect the video via hdmi to my tv and the audio via 5.1 to my receiver. There is not enough room to...
  16. daybona

    USB Joystick 360 compatabiliy

    Any idea if sega virtua stick (saturn) that was converted to usb will work with the 360? thanks
  17. daybona

    XBOX 360 resolution?

    I just got a 360 and realized that unlike the triple, the 360 allows you to play the game in any resolution you want. This brings up the question what is best resolution to play in. 1080p would be the obvious answer but does a game that is not natively 1080p suffer graphically. ie lowered...
  18. daybona


    Do they provide their own service? Or do you have to go through a separate carrier like cingular, tmobile, etc? I'm pretty sure its the former, but I wanted to be sure. thanks.
  19. daybona

    hdmi sound question

    I have my ps3 connected via hdmi to my sony kdl v2500 tv. I am trying to have the TV output the digital signal from the ps3 via its digital output port to my sony str-dg500 reciever. I automatically configured the ps3s sound output so it knows it is outputing the sound via hdmi. I am not...